Wizard World Chicago 2014 Photos, Part 5 of 7: Last Call for Costumes


Who ya gonna call? GROOTBUSTERS!

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

This weekend was that time again: our annual excursion to Rosemont, IL, for Wizard World Chicago. My wife and I took plenty of photos as usual, many of them usable. We’ll be sharing those over the next several entries, but I’m still too fatigued from the experience to figure out how many entries these will take.

Later we determined the correct number is seven entries in all. Part Five is two smaller subsets combined. Half of these photos are “pot luck” miscellaneous characters. The rest each contain at least one mystery character that defied my knowledge base and all research attempts, both personal and outsourced. The MCC standing plea of thumb as always is: if you recognize someone I don’t, pretty-please feel free to chime in and teach this old guy something new. (Prime example: at far right in the above photo is an original character named Kattosha. That was new learning for me. See the comments below for more of her story.)


Dog soldiers!

Chef Deadpool, Supergirl, a very distant Harley and Ivy, military video game guy, and…uh, a pair of dog soldiers?Amaterasu and an amazing friend?


Eruptor, official mascot at the Skylanders booth. My wallet is grateful this phenomenon arrived after my son’s time.

Blue man solo!

Someone blue. Blue’s a hero!


More blue: a Space Marine from Starcraft. I have no idea if this is one of the same suits we saw at Gen Con 2013.

Blue Power Ranger!

Still more blue: the Blue Power Ranger! Mostly. Kindasorta. Maybe from an alt-universe episode.

Daft Punk!

Daft Punk! Or maybe they’re cosplayers.

Marrow? Not Marrow?

My first thought was Marrow from the X-Men, which is a strange first thought to have.

Soul Calibur!

My son’s sources pin these as Cassandra, Kilik, Seung Mi-na, and Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur.


At right: Morgan Freeman from 2013’s Oblivion. At left: uhhh, this one dude.

Zombie bride!

Zombie bride admires her dashing groom for his brains.

MacArthur and Riveter!

Leave it to my wife the WWII buff to recognize General Douglas MacArthur from sixty feet away without having to ask. To my credit, I recognized Rosie the Riveter before she did.


Beaker from The Muppet Show!

just your average celebrity.

Just your average celebrity. I like to imagine this was David Boreanaz. I’m 70% certain it’s not Stan Lee.

To be continued!

* * * * *

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3 responses

  1. I will enlighten you to one character that eludes you…

    The warrior with Groot is myself. .. I received a call that morning because it seemed that Rocket had a little too much to drink the night before and Groot REALLY wanted to go out and have some fun. Gamora and Peter already had plans, and nobody wants to see what would happen if Drax and Groot spent the day together.

    So somehow I got the short end of the straw and spent the day playing tree herder. Unfortunately no one told me that Rocket never house trained his pet so he was leafing everywhere, no wonder they needed someone to keep an eye on him. Next time I am bringing a leaf blower instead of a sword.

    – Kattosha


    • Thanks for the info and bio! I would be concerned that a leaf blower might cause chafing for Groot, but bringing along a lawn-‘n’-leaf bag might be prudent the next time you have to chaperone for him. Rocket owes you one.



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