Wizard World Chicago 2014 Photos, Part 2: DC Comics Costumes!



Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

This weekend was that time again: our annual excursion to Rosemont, IL, for Wizard World Chicago. My wife and I took plenty of photos as usual, many of them usable. We’ll be sharing those over the next several entries, but I’m still too fatigued from the experience to figure out how many entries these will take.

Part two, then: the amazing world of DC Comics. Enjoy!

Lego Batman!


Batman & Harley and Ivy!

Batman #3 faces off against Harley Quinn #1 and Poison Ivy #1.


Harley #2 and Ivy #2 somehow manage to subdue Doomsday, the monster who killed Superman. That must’ve been some crossover.

The Harley Quinn Three!

Harley #3 reunites with the Joker and lets the Scarecrow tag along for laughs. And fear.

Gunslinger Harley!

Harley #4 doesn’t need her Puddin’ or any other backstabbing partners slowing her down.


Riddle me this: why couldn’t the Bat-Villain enter the motorcycle race? Because he didn’t bring a Harley!


Marvel/DC crossover #1: Catwoman and Evil Tobey Maguire from Spider-Man 3 spend the day swapping Hollywood cautionary tales.

Flash and Cap!

Marvel/DC crossover #2: Flash and Cap, who sound like bomb-squad buddy-cops.


Marvel/DC crossover #3: Deathstroke and X-23, patiently awaiting their own solo movies. “Someday,” they whisper to each other.


Batgirl fears not for her secret identity. Endanger her loved ones and she’ll end you. No worries.


Erica Durance arrived hours ahead of schedule for her Saturday signing and attracted quite a line. From outside the crowd, Arrow looks on in silence.

Supergirl and Power Girl!

Supergirl and Power Girl team up while Joker #2 lurks in the background.

Dr. Fate!

Dr. Fate, DC’s renowned magical hero, calls upon the power of Nabu to end all these Dr. Strange movie rumors.

Lego Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman’s first starring role in a feature film was far more entertaining than anyone expected. The role was recast for her next movie due to salary issues.


The original Captain Marvel, a.k.a. SHAZAM! Maybe someday we’ll see someone recapture the magic of the old Beck/Binder classic tales, but it hasn’t happened in ages.


Zatanna, also fed up with all the Dr. Strange chatter. “REVEROF OBMIL TNEMPOLEVED NI HSIUGNAL EIVOM EGNARTS ROTCOD!” she casts in vain.


The real Lobo. Accept no reboots.

To be continued!

* * * * *

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