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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Ideas for future entries? Movie or comics recommendations? Secrets to share? You can email us at, brighten my day on Twitter at @RandallGolden, or use the form below to leave a note. Whichever way works best for you, one of our trained service representatives (i.e., me) will review and savor your input.

Special note to internet-based professionals: if it is laughably obvious that you did not read the next two paragraphs before reaching out to us, your missive will be swiftly torpedoed and deeply unanswered.

Midlife Crisis Crossover is a one-man operation, plus one (1) super awesome top collaborator/kibitzer. We are therefore not seeking submissions from outside contributors or entertaining requests to insert your material inside ours.

Because the primary objectives of MCC do not include aspirations to becoming a “social media influencer” (bleah), desperation for Fame By Any Means Necessary, or any real desire to conform to superficial blogging norms, any and all inquiries regarding marketing, advertising, or search engine optimization are hereby declined up front with vehemence, as I am presently satisfied with the privileges provided by the kindly folks at WordPress. Candidly speaking, if just being myself isn’t enough to win the internet, then it’s on me to cope with losing.

Thanks in advance!

[Page last updated 2/11/2021.]

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