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Got questions? Comments? Suggestions? Ideas for future entries? Movie or comics recommendations? Secrets to share? Typo alerts? We’d love to hear from you if you’ve visited this page strictly in your personal capacity as a reader and/or a spreader of joy!

Alternate greeting if you clicked on this page for your own career-based motives: please note we might not love to hear from you. It kinda depends. Please read and understand the following contact rules before dinging us. If you clearly ignore them, your missive will not receive a personal reply.

  1. Midlife Crisis Crossover is a personal blog, a one-man operation aided and abetted by one (1) wonderful collaborator. Our official submission guidelines are that you must be either me or Anne to seek publication here. We are not accepting submissions from outside contributors. This isn’t that kind of site.
  2. We are not here to sell you advertising space on MCC. All site banners are selected and provided by The Powers That Be at
  3. We are not interested in buying ad space for MCC from you. If you think word of this site should be spread unto the far corners of Earth, then by all means you’re welcome to do so for free, same as you’d do for any site you actually like.
  4. We are not accepting requests to insert your written matter or links of your choosing inside our content.
  5. Among other purposes, MCC is a vehicle for candid expression of our opinions on assorted artistic works, subjects, and products. If you’re interested in sending us freebies, that’s nice of you, but please understand if your freebie sucks, we cannot guarantee you’ll like our public response, should we choose to publish one at all. Under no circumstances do we promise unconditionally enraptured puff pieces in exchange for favors or “understandings”. (This is not a comics news site. We do give negative reviews sometimes.)
  6. We do not aspire to become “social media influencers”, are not desperate for Fame By Any Means Necessary, and tend to stray from blogging norms. Your offers of marketing boosts or search engine optimization are declined and unwanted. If just being myself isn’t enough to win the internet, then I’ll cope with losing.

Still reading? You’re not lying, are you?

Then congrats! You can email us at, brighten my day on Twitter at @RandallGolden, or use the form below to leave a note. Whichever way works best for you, one of our trained service representatives (i.e., me) will review and savor your input. Thanks in advance!

[Page last updated 12/8/2022.]

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