Wizard World Chicago 2014 Photos, Part 1: Costumes! (Movies, Games, Doctor Who)


Personal fave of the entire show: 8-bit Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

This weekend was that time again: our annual excursion to Rosemont, IL, for Wizard World Chicago, a four-day entertainment convention packed with tens of thousands of attendees seeking actor autographs, viewing the panoply of cosplayers demonstrating their sartorial talents, wandering Artists Alley in search of new comics and art, or hoarding merchandise from the dealers and exhibitors. The big-name comics publishers haven’t attended in years, but WWC seems to be doing well nonetheless, playing to their strengths and not paying total lip service to their comic-con roots.

My wife and I took plenty of photos as usual, many of them usable. We’ll be sharing those over the next several entries, but I’m still too fatigued from the experience to figure out how many entries these will take. Part One begins arbitrarily with costumes from movies, video games, and from Doctor Who, because arbitrary categorization helps me organize my thoughts more clearly. I’m not the kind of guy to upload fifty random cosplay photos and yell, “HERE!” Hence, themes.


Ms. Pac-Man!

Ms. Pac-Man demands a SACRIFICE.


Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, plus a surprise Harley Quinn.

Mario Family!

It’s time for the Family Feud! Introducing the Marios: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess, Wario, and Waluigi!


The cast of HALO and their amazing friends.

Vince Glortho!

Vince Glortho and his pals, a Ghostbuster and the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man. YOU WILL ALL PERISH IN FLAMES.

Zombie Ghostbuster!

Who ya gonna call? Not Zombie Ghostbuster!

Queen Amidala!

Queen Amidala and her handmaiden Sabe hold court with Moondust, Grandmaster of the Order of Celestial Dragons (an original character from the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO), along with his pupil Mikazuki.

Darth Vader unmasked!

A rare cosplay variant: Darth Vader unhelmeted.

Tiny Witch-King!

Kid Witch-King, who’s gonna command a whole army someday and then you’ll be sorry you called him “cute”!

Mad Hatter!

Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s vision of Disney’s sequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.


Classic Robocop. Accept no reboots.

Seventh Doctor!

The Seventh Doctor and his new companion, Silk Spectre from Watchmen.

Amy Pond!

Amy Pond in various versions was the most popular women’s costume we saw this year. We even saw a few mother/daughter pairs doing Amy at different ages, boosting our readings on the Adorable Scale up into the stratosphere.

Amy Pond Doll!

Creepiest variant: the Amy Pond doll from “Night Terrors”. BRRRRRR.


YOU BLINKED. See ya sixty years ago.

Tiny Red Dalek!

Tiny red Dalek still needs time to IN-CU-BATE!

Professor River Song!

Professor River Song. I’d tell you who she is if you’ve never watched Doctor Who, but…well. Spoilers.

The Silence!

Silence will fall when the question is asked! And that question is, “How cool is this?”

To be continued!

* * * * *

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