Wizard World Chicago 2014 Photos, Part 4 of 7: Animation Costumes!

Team Rocket!

Jesse and James fire Meowth, welcome new sidekick Ash. Meet the all-new, all-different Team Rocket!

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

This weekend was that time again: our annual excursion to Rosemont, IL, for Wizard World Chicago. My wife and I took plenty of photos as usual, many of them usable. We’ll be sharing those over the next several entries, but I’m still too fatigued from the experience to figure out how many entries these will take.

I’ve been dealing with con crud all week long and struggling to reactivate all portions of my brain, but the math finally came together for me: we’re looking at seven entries in all for the WWC 2014 photo parade. Part four of those, then: characters from cartoons and anime. Enjoy!

Team Rocket!

Another Team Rocket duo chooses Joker. Good luck stuffing him inside a Pokeball.

Captain Planet!

Captain Planet would like to have a word with the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center about how much energy they’re using. Cap may also be annoyed that upon sighting him I shouted without thinking, “CAPTAIN POWER!” because I’m old and I’m more ’80s than I care to admit.

Afro Samurai!

Afro Samurai! Facing off against kung-fu Joker.

Monarch henchmen!

Monarch henchmen from The Venture Bros.

Sailor Moon!

The cast of Sailor Moon. Not my thing, but some of you will know the characters better than I do.


Shredder, who hopes someday to parlay his big film roles into serious Oscar fare.


Vanellope von Schweetz and Taffyta Muttonfudge from Wreck-It Ralph. It was nice to see different cars at a convention besides the Mystery Machine and the ECTO-1 for a change.

Soul Eater!

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece teams up with Soul Eater and Death the Kid from Soul Eater.


Rapunzel from Tangled! And li’l Pascal the chameleon wins Best Accessory of the Day.

Kyoshi Warriors!

Kyoshi Warriors from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Special thanks to my son and his connections for spotting this one and a few others in this entry.


Jazz, Soundwave, and Bumblebee represent for the Transformers old school.

Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime, not yet ready to roll out.


Every single movie, it’s the same old villain: Megatron, Megatron, Megatron! Someday another Decepticon will shine when the studio greenlights Transformers Origins: Starscream.

To be continued!

* * * * *

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