Our Dark Summertime Binge: Hulu’s “Light as a Feather”

Light as a Feather!

Once again McKenna (Liana Liberato) faces DEATH FROM ABOVE! OR AT LEAST SCARINESS!

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: with weeks to go till vacation and no pressing obligations, my wife Anne and I have been bingeing a few different shows together, while I’ve done some additional grim watching on the side. Certainly not through careful planning on our part, each of the shows has had their own depressing and/or tragic aspects. As I wrote at the time, Veronica Mars season 4 fit right in once we finished the finale. The Netflix documelodrama The Last Czars couldn’t help but depress with its take on Russia’s traumatic early-20th-century history, though it would prove the most unintentionally funny show we’ve seen in ages about war, revolution, murder, and gloomy orgies.

Meanwhile on Hulu, I caught a supernatural thriller in its second season that was easily the youngest-skewing show I watched this summer, possibly this year. But I had a pretty good reason.

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Latecomers to the “Doctor Who” Party

Christopher Eccleston, Doctor Who

…yes, we realize we’re running years behind the rest of the universe.

Last weekend marked the second time in my life I’ve ever sat through an episode of Doctor Who. After marathoning two seasons of Sherlock, three seasons of Downton Abbey, three seasons of Luther, and all the Chopped we could find On Demand, we were in talks for a while about our next mutual binge-watching quality-time subject. Lo and behold: she discovered all seven modern seasons of the world-famous Doctor Who are temporarily available On Demand as part of the big 50th-anniversary celebration.

Our new goal for this holiday season: see how many episodes we can barrel through before the end of the year.

Just now, you ask? Well, kinda…

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