Indy Food Trucks Turn the Whole World on with a Smile (Part 6 in a series)

Gigi's Cupcakes!

Got sugar? Gigi’s Cupcakes has some waiting for you.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: when MCC launched five years ago, one of our recurring habits was keeping tabs on the Indianapolis food truck experience whenever those mighty mobile merchants rocked my world and my lunchtime. (Past entries were here, here, here, here, and here, though a few of the older trucks are sadly no longer with us.) They’re not in my path as often as I’d like, but we see enough of them from time to time that the occasional gallery is warranted as our way of thanking these eminent entrepreneurs for outstanding achievement in the field of edible excellence.

Food trucks put in a prominent presence at two big Indianapolis events in recent months that MCC readers may recall. First up: the Indiana Bicentennial , when our fair Hoosier State celebrated two centuries of statehood and tired jokes about corn. A variety of food trucks held court in a parking lot north of the Statehouse and gave us great reasons to ignore the Subway down the street.

Wild Boar + Flying Cupcake!

Among those serving and basking in the view of history were Wild Boar BBQ and the Flying Cupcake, last seen on MCC at our final Gen Con.

Gaucho's Fire!

Our lunch fix of choice: Gaucho’s Fire, a Brazilian steak-truck.

picanha steak sandwich!

My half: picanha steak sandwich, topped with spices, onions, tomatoes, and vinaigrette, with a side of above-average fries.

ribeye steak skewer!

Anne can take or leave fries, but approved of her ribeye steak skewer, a super-kebab cooked with rock salt.

Gigi's Cupcakes!

We got dessert to-go from Gigi’s Cupcakes, purveyors of the fine assortment in our lead photo. They got a bit banged up the rest of the day when I kept tossing Bicentennial into the same bag with them, but made for a much-needed re-energizing coda after hours of walking and touring.

Near the end of March, one day at work I decided I deserved something above and beyond my usual daily homemade turkey sandwich. I ventured out the front door and onto the streets of downtown, only to find Wild Boar BBQ waiting for me.

Wild Boar BBQ!

I was sorry we’d passed them up at the Bicentennial. The price of such strong food truck competition is that you just can’t get to all of them. Well, unless you can handle carrying around a lot of leftovers.

Brisket Gouda Nutella!

The A+++ results of my impulse buy: beef brisket, gouda mac-&-cheese, and for dessert a side of bacon Nutella frozen custard. Meat, salt, nut-driven sugar, and creaminess in one li’l Styrofoam-cupped punch.

Last month some sage folks over at Indiana Comic Con negotiated another annual food-truck shindig that Saturday on Georgia Street outside the Indiana Convention Center. Once again a selection of our local finest fed us geeks whenever we could make time between panels and autograph lines to head outside for fresh air and fresher vittles.


Saturday lunch honors at ICC went to Poccadio, Moroccan fare their specialty.


What got me through the next round of lines: kafta — spiced meatballs char-grilled and paired with Moroccan green beans, saffron rice and harissa chili sauce. My one complaint: I wish I could’ve had a double helping of ALL the things.

Muay Thai!

Honorable mention goes to Muay Thai for most eye-catching truck that came this close to snaring us. Hopefully we’ll see them at another event.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m. we found ourselves between activities with lots of time to kill and me still wielding an appetite. Most of the food trucks were packing up and preparing to split, but lucky for me one caterer was too slow on the boxing: once again, Flying Cupcake!

Flying Cupcake!

I promise I’m not stalking them. Or addicted to cupcakes.

lemon cupcake!

At the end of the day, they only had vanilla and lemon left. Lemon won. 13/10 would scarf again even if none of the others were sold out.

I have no idea when we’ll see our next food truck pack gamboling in the wild and sharing phenomenal foodstuffs with one and all. As of today we only have two really big events penciled on our calendar over the next four months, neither of them local. Our hometown needs to hurry up and brainstorm another reason to convene so I don’t have to wait till next year to post a Part 7. I’m ready and hungry when you are, Indy.

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