Dragon Con 2021 Photos #5: Still More Cosplay Parade

R2D2 Suit and Mandalorians cosplay!

Sharp-dressed Artoo leads Mandalorians down the runway.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

In 2019 my wife Anne and I attended our very first Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. We returned home to Indianapolis with a plethora of new memories, hundreds and hundreds of photos, and a shared suspicion that we’d return someday. Not every year, but someday. In the year of our grand pandemic 2020 we attended exactly zero conventions for easily guessed reasons. In 2021 several cons made their comeback plans, but Dragon Con stepped up hardest and made us some offers we couldn’t refuse. We didn’t have to think long or hard before accepting the special rules under which this pandemic-era show would be held…

As promised, another gallery from the annual Saturday morning cosplay parade through downtown Atlanta, this time with specializations in Star Wars, Futurama, chemistry, and more. Corrections and revisions welcome as always. Once more, with feeling: enjoy!

blocky Venom and Captain America cosplay!

We’ve seen these cubic heroes before but never know what they’re supposed to be. Blokhedz? Mega Bloks? Family Dollar imitation Lego?

blocky Superman cosplay!

It’s a block! It’s a cube! It’s Superman!

Spartans cosplay!

Spartans in formation, just daring us to rush them.

Belle cosplay!

The Belle of the ball, Or parade. Whatever.

Hogwarts Express, Quidditch Harry, and Honeydukes cosplay!

Quidditch hero Harry Potter flanked by two of his favorite services, the Hogwarts Express and the Honeydukes candy store.

Mask and Willy Wonka cosplay!

The Mask and Willy Wonka, a perfect union of loony men with hats whose film successors sucked.

Bebop and Rocksteady and Shredder cosplay!

We missed any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but caught their mortal enemies Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Shredder.

Pac-Man cosplay!

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man pretending we can’t see the romantic tension in the air.

T-Rex skeleton cosplay!

Burned out on all those orange blow-up T-Rex costumes? How about just the insides of one?

happy red pirate cosplay!

The peppiest pirate in the parade.

Moscovium Copernicium Iron Chromium Oxygen cosplay!

Another recurring cosplay team, the periodic table brings representatives for myriad elements, often punning it up. We lead with Moscovium, Copernicium, Iron, Chromium, and a hilarious Oxygen that I really wish we’d gotten a better shot of.

Strontium Gallium and Aluminum cosplay!

Strontium, Gallium, and Aluminum, the comfort fabric of conspiracists.

Nihonium cosplay!


Zinc cosplay!

Zinc is brought to you by our old pal Clippy!

Hassium and Technetium!

Hassium and Technetium, though we might be stretching the whole “costume” thing.

Americium cosplay!

Americium runs past Trekkers to catch up with his table-mates.

Sam Wilson and Klingon cosplay!

Captain America and a Klingon shake hands after fighting.

Stormtroopers cosplay!

Our Star Wars selection of course begins with mandatory Stormtroopers.

Trooper variant cosplay!

Before Loki, Harley, and Deadpool, ‘Troopers were all about the variants.

Knight of Ren cosplay!

A Knight of Ren leads the charge with a Biker Scout, at least two TIE Fighter Pilots, an Imperial officer, and a very good doggo.

Old Luke Skywalker cosplay!

And in this corner, Old Luke, a Jedi and an X-Wing Pilot.

Run SWC cosplay!

We’re the troops of rock! There are none fly-er! Sucker Jedi should find ground higher! We got our orders, we open fire! We won’t stop shootin’ till we get tired!

Utinni Cleani cosplay!

Yep, they have hygiene theater on Tatooine, too.

Futurama cosplay!

Futurama was the final pop culture group of the parade, here featuring Leela, Roberto, and an anti-cancer Bender.

Scruffy and Amy Wong cosplay

Scruffy the janitor and a pair of Nibbler keepers, including Amy Wong.

Zapp Brannigan and Robot Santa cosplay!

Planet Express nemeses get the last word courtesy of Zapp Brannigan and Robot Santa.

…so this is roughly the halfway point, but we’re still not done.

To be continued! Other chapters in this very special MCC miniseries:

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