Dragon Con 2021 Photos #4: More Cosplay Parade

Cult of Marriott Carpet cosplay!

The Cult of Marriott Carpet is one of those extremely specific Dragon Con in-jokes. See, there’s a Marriott with this distinctive carpet that looks like Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian made a map of Boston together…

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

In 2019 my wife Anne and I attended our very first Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. We returned home to Indianapolis with a plethora of new memories, hundreds and hundreds of photos, and a shared suspicion that we’d return someday. Not every year, but someday. In the year of our grand pandemic 2020 we attended exactly zero conventions for easily guessed reasons. In 2021 several cons made their comeback plans, but Dragon Con stepped up hardest and made us some offers we couldn’t refuse. We didn’t have to think long or hard before accepting the special rules under which this pandemic-era show would be held…

As promised, another gallery from the annual Saturday morning cosplay parade through downtown Atlanta. Marvel unintentionally dominates this section, but they don’t quite have this one all to themselves. For past comic-cons I used to sort the costumes by company, by genre, or by whatever pop-culture divisions came to mind. That procedure takes extra time and has been suspended for the time being so I can save time and get these done for You, The Viewers At Home. Corrections and revisions welcome as always. Enjoy! Again!

Dragon Con dragon cosplay!

The official Dragon Con dragon, I think.

Cult of Marriott Two-Face!

Cult of Marriott Two-Face and Cult of Marriott cubicle dweller.

Janine and Dana cosplay!

In addition to the usual Ghostbusters, we had Janine from The Real Ghostbusters and Dana from the first two movies.

Tombstone Tackle ghost cosplay!

An extreme deep dive into Real Ghostbusters lore with the Tombstone Tackle ghost.

Ghostbuster Rick cosplay!

I don’t watch Rick and Morty. Did they do a Ghostbusters thing?

Steve Ditko Peter Parker cosplay!

A classic Steve Ditko Peter Parker half-done suiting up and mocking Electro with this cool puppet he made of him.

Agatha Harkness cosplay!

We are absolutely here for any and every Agatha Harkness.

Deadpools cosplay!

Deadpool costumes. It wouldn’t legally be a convention without some.

Mandapool cosplay!

Mandapool, Coffinpool, Gwenpool, and then some.

Frenchmaidpool cosplay!

Frenchmaidpool, stalked by Deadpool’s pal Bind Al.

Deadpooh cosplay!

Deadpooh. See what they did there?

DeadPo cosplay!

DeadPo. See what…oh, never mind.

Colorado Captain!

Not just Steve Rogers, but the Colorado Captain, who’s very big on charities and community efforts back home.

Captain America cosplay!

Sam Wilson, also Captain America.

Dum-Dum Dugan cosplay!

Captain America’s old pal Dum-Dum Dugan.

Agent Carter cosplay!

TV’s Agent Carter with a memento of her old flame.

Agent Carter and Howling Commandos cosplay!

Another Agent Carter and the Howling Commandos.

Black Widow cosplay!

Black Widow riding high on a S.H.I.E.L.D. car that those jerks at Disney definitely didn’t pay for.

Dum-Dum Dugan and Black Widow cosplay!

Or were those previous photos Skrulls and these are the real Dum-Dum Dugan and Black Widow?

Loki cosplay!

We expected Lokis. We got Lokis.

TVA Loki cosplay!

The Loki “TVA Variant” variant.

Firefighter Avengers cosplay!

What If…the Avengers were firefighters? And they let Deadpool in? I mean, if Blade can get in, anyone can.

Lockheed cosplay!

Lockheed the Dragon, one of the best bits from Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men and the one (1) clever idea in The New Mutants.

Odin cosplay!

Academy Award Winner Allfather Odin.

Squirrel Girl cosplay!

Squirrel Girl! Squirrel Girl! SQUIRREL GIRL!

Rapunzel cosplay!

Okay, back to randomizing our photos with Rapunzel from Tangled.

Spaceballs Barf cosplay!

Barf from Spaceballs.

Omniman cosplay!

Omniman from Invincible, the Image Comics series and the Amazon Prime show.

Diamond Wild Card Fortnite cosplay!

A Diamond Wild Card outfit from Fortnite.

Gentleman Ghost cosplay!

The Gentleman Ghost, a classic Hawkman villain.

Red Hood cosplay!

The Red Hood, former sidekick and Joker survivor.

Cruella DeVil cosplay!

Cruella DeVil, dognapper and live-action prequel survivor.

Wonder Woman 1984 cosplay!

Wonder Woman’s 1984 armor and an Amazon friend.

That’ll do for tonight. Lots more where those came from.

To be continued! Other chapters in this very special MCC miniseries:

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