Dragon Con 2021 Photos #8: Last Call for Parade Cosplay

Dr. Henry Jones cosplay!

Don’t ask me how I nearly overlooked this pic of the Chibi Bunny I still don’t recognize, Dr. Henry Jones, Anna from Frozen, and Dash from The Incredibles.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

In 2019 my wife Anne and I attended our very first Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. We returned home to Indianapolis with a plethora of new memories, hundreds and hundreds of photos, and a shared suspicion that we’d return someday. Not every year, but someday. In the year of our grand pandemic 2020 we attended exactly zero conventions for easily guessed reasons. In 2021 several cons made their comeback plans, but Dragon Con stepped up hardest and made us some offers we couldn’t refuse. We didn’t have to think long or hard before accepting the special rules under which this pandemic-era show would be held…

It all comes down to this: one final round of costumes from the Saturday morning cosplay parade through the heart of downtown Atlanta. Calling them “outtakes” seems unfair, but they were omitted from previous chapters for a variety of reasons. Some were redundant. Some had tiny flaws that bugged me. Some were probably arbitrary. Anyway, my fickleness notwithstanding, enjoy!

Ozzy and Colin cosplay!

Ozzy Osbourne at left, a rubber duckie fan in the middle, and it’d be awesome if their pal at right were Colin Robinson from What We Do in the Shadows.

Ghostbusters cosplay!

Mandatory Ghostbusters.

Kingdom Come Superman cosplay!

Superman from Kingdom Come and an encore performance from the Gentleman Ghost.

Invincible cosplay!

Image Comics’ very own Invincible, now the star of his own Amazon Prime animated series. If only we had Amazon Prime.

Buckaroo Banzai cosplay!

I just noticed the Buckaroo Banzai banner is in German.

Assaultron cosplay!

Once again, the Assaultron from Fallout 4.

Bioshock Infinite cosplay!

A closer shot of Booker and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

Johnny Bravo cosplay!

Johnny Bravo triumphant.

Netherworld Haunted House!

More nightmarish hosts from Atlanta’s Netherworld Haunted House.


Okay, fine, one last Netherworld shot, but that’s it.

Deadpools cosplay!

Maximum Deadpool.

Deadpools Dancing!

Deadpool dance-off.

Marriott Carpet Deadpool cosplay!

Marriott Carpet Deadpool.

Marriott Carpet T-Rexes and cheerleader cosplay!

The Marriott Carpet T-Rexes and their cheerleader.

Marriott Carpet T-Rexes!

The Marriott Carpet T-Rexes start multiplying like Tribbles.

Marriott T-Rexes!

The Marriott T-Rexes form a kick-line. Somewhere in the afterlife, Busby Berkeley weeps.

…so that’s basically all the worthy costume snapshots we have. But we’re not done with Dragon Con yet. Or with the parade, for that matter.

To be continued! Other chapters in this very special MCC miniseries:

Part 1: Return of the Jazz Hands
Part 2: A Cosplay Sampler
Part 3: Some Cosplay Parade
Part 4: More Cosplay Parade
Part 5: Still More Cosplay Parade
Part 6: Cosplay Parade Stumpers
Part 7: More Cosplay Parade Stumpers
Part 9: Winding Down the Parade
Part 10: Day Zero
Part 11: Day One
Part 12: The All-Star Saturday Grand Finale With Wall-to-Wall Paneling

2 responses

    • It IS supremely weird to be sharing these pics in the current, unreasonably prolonged historical era. But as far as we could tell, the convention’s mandates — that all 42,000+ attendees had to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID test within 72 hours, and that they all had to wear masks inside the various participating buildings — were taken seriously all throughout the weekend. We remain hopeful that the next 8-10 days bring no super-spreader news. If Lollapalooza could largely pull it off, we figured surely Dragon Con could too.

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