Dragon Con 2019 Photos #4: Still More Cosplay on Parade

Maleficent and two fairies!

Maleficent with her foes Flora and Merryweather.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

For years we’ve been telling friends in other states that we’d one day do Atlanta’s Dragon Con, one of the largest conventions in America that isn’t in California or New York. We’ve been in Atlanta, but we hadn’t really done Atlanta. Hence this year’s vacation, in which we’re aiming for a double proficiency in Atlanta tourism and over-the-top Dragon Con goodness…

..such as that Saturday morning parade through downtown Atlanta. In this installment we focus on characters of the Grand Disney Empire, including Marvel and Star Wars because why not.

Same cautions apply as last time: we’re pros, not fans; corrections are very welcome if we misname anyone; we do take requests, but can’t guarantee we photographed every parade participant; enjoy!

Maleficent with wings!

A majestic Maleficent with 16-foot wings that extend and retract. Amazing work by Aston Martini of Aston Martini & Victor Voyeur Cosplay.

Hei-Hei and Snow White!

Hei-Hei from Moana and Snow White.


Prince Ali! Fabulous he! Ali Ababwa!

Walt Disney!

The man, the myth, the mogul: Walt Disney.

Stan Lee The First True Believer!

A fan group saluting the late Stan Lee, featuring Magneto, Emma Frost, Queen Mother Ramonda, and Dr. Strange.

Miles Morales!

Miles Morales, star of my favorite film of 2018.


Thanos, costar of the highest grossing film of 2019.

Captains America!

Captains America and Dum-Dum Dugan.

Black Panther + Storm!

Black Panther and Storm with a light Game of Thrones twist.

Dr. Strange!

Dr. Strange cutting through the Dark Dimension with his trusty Day-Glo spells.

Magneto and Wolverine!

Magneto and Wolverine in their X-Force variant costumes.


Gambit joined the X-Men after my time, but he has his fans.

Mole Man!

The Mole Man, secretly hoping someone ever makes a decent Fantastic Four film so he might have a turn at the big screen.

Luke Skywalker and his blue milk, the one substance in the universe that Ozzy Osbourne has never chugged by the barrel. Also, Ozzy meets Osgood! Osgood, Ozzy. Ozzy, Osgood.


C-3PO riding with the local chapter of the 501st Legion. Much more dignified than being carried by Ewoks.


The only time we’ve had cosplay parades here in Indianapolis was at Star Wars Celebration 2002 and/or 2005 (I forget which), when it was mostly Stormtroopers.

Marriott Carpettrooper!

We learned the distinctive carpet in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis is a beloved Dragon Con running gag, represented in the parade by several cosplayers such as this Shagtrooper.

Twi'lek Society!

The Twi’lek Society was one of many very specific fan groups joining the festivities.

Sith Lord!

I feel like I’ve seen this Sith Lord before (maybe in comics?), but memory fails me.

Dancing Artoo!

Dancing Artoo!

Ice cream sandcrawler!

Ice cream Sandcrawler! Jawas from a planet made of burning hot sand decide to sell frozen treats for a living.

Pink Vader!

Darth Fuchsia asking how YOU doin’.

To be continued! Other chapters in this very special miniseries:

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  1. Hi! I’m the 16 foot winged Maleficent and that you for sharing! Would you mind letting folks know it is Aston Martini from Aston Martini and Victor Voyeur Cosplay? Thank you!


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