Dragon Con 2019 Photos #5: Still More Cosplay on Parade Continued

Big Brother and Little Sister!

Big Brother and Little Sister from the Bioshock trilogy.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

For years we’ve been telling friends in other states that we’d one day do Atlanta’s Dragon Con, one of the largest conventions in America that isn’t in California or New York. We’ve been in Atlanta, but we hadn’t really done Atlanta. Hence this year’s vacation, in which we’re aiming for a double proficiency in Atlanta tourism and over-the-top Dragon Con goodness…

…such as that Saturday morning parade through downtown Atlanta. In this installment we focus on characters from the world of gaming — those that I could identify or half-identify — plus a mini-gallery of folks from a certain old HBO series.

Same cautions apply as last time: we’re pros, not fans; corrections are very welcome if we misname anyone; we do take requests, but can’t guarantee we photographed every parade participant; enjoy!

Fair warning: I’m kind of a Bioshock fan.

Boy of Silence!

A Boy of Silence from Bioshock Infinite, backed by a Big Sister from Bioshock 2 and a Splicer.

Splicer and Comstock!

Another splicer and Infinite‘s villainous Zachary Hale Comstock


Infinite heroes Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth riding in the Bioshockmobile.


One last Splicer before we move on.

Borderlands banner!

The Borderlands fans make their entrance. This parade really speaks to me. Longtime MCC readers may recall that time I spent over a year on Borderlands 2. Also, spending days posting all these D&C photos is a great excuse to continue procrastinating my remaining challenges on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Promethea or Bust!

Unfortunately I don’t have a current-gen console (still rocking a PS3 for now), so I’m about to be left out of the Borderlands 3 party. These fans won’t be, I’m sure.

Dr. Zed!

Dr. Zed in the middle, whose health and shields can come in handy, though I’ve never cared for Zed’s “Turtle Shields”.

Mad Moxxi!

Bartender supreme Mad Moxxi in the middle.


Claptrap, your wee, nattering robot tour guide to loot and adventure.

Daenerys + dragon!

Shifting gears again, this time for a selection from Game of Thrones. I didn’t watch it, but I’ve run across plenty of chats about it. Here’s Daenerys and the biggest shoulder-perched cosplay dragon I’ve ever seen. A bit to the right of her is Sansa Stark, played by Jean Grey.

White Walker Daeny Jon!

A White Walker, another Daenerys, and Jon Snow the Know-Nothing.

Arya Stark + List!

Arya Stark and her updated list.

Ned Stark!

The complete Ned Stark, I believe. Some reassembly required.

Game of Thrones happy dude!

All I know about this very happy GoT dude is he expended tremendous energy to excite the crowd and get a loud response out of us. I appreciate that in a parade.

HALO soldiers!

Back to video games with a platoon of HALO soldiers.

Dragon Age!

If I’ve kept my notes straight, these should be Dragon Age warriors.


Overwatch is beyond my bailiwick, but I’m fairly certain this is some of them.

maybe not Overwatch?

I thought these were also Overwatch but I’m seeing a Yuna from Final Fantasy X at far right, so I’m apparently off base.

Resident Evil cast!

Representation from Resident Evil beyond just the Umbrella Corporation, whose henchmen pop up at some of our Midwest cons.

Resident Evil Claire!

Claire from the Resident Evil universe, on guard because no place is totally immune to zombie outbreaks.

To be continued! Other chapters in this very special miniseries:

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Advance epilogue: Three Thoughts After Our First Dragon Con

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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