Our 2022 Road Trip #5: A George Bailey Family Christmas in June

It's a Wonderful Life poster!

“Christmas in July” is more idiomatic, but our timing was six days off.

We previously did A Christmas Story tourism back in 2013. This year, another beloved classic got a turn.

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Spoilers for “It’s a Wonderful Life 2: the Final Bell Rings”

It's a Wonderful Life

Nope. They don’t believe it, either.

Because nothing good can remain untarnished and self-contained:

Variety reported Tuesday a small movie company that doesn’t own It’s a Wonderful Life is planning an official sequel — somehow, for some reason, possibly because greed minus self-awareness. Tentatively titled It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, the superfluous production will show George’s grandson being taught a lesson by his aunt Zuzu, now transformed into an angel. The company is hoping for a holiday 2015 release so it can compete against Star Wars Episode VII and look that much more foolish.

So what else could they possibly do?

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