Our 2019 Road Trip, Part 31: The Season Finale Outtakes

Bottlecap kiosk!

DAY TWO: Bottlecap kiosk outside the World of Coca-Cola. We got yelled at when we tried posing behind the unmanned information desk.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: we guided you through our eight-day trip to Atlanta in general and Dragon Con in particular — August 25th through September 1, 2019. It all comes down to this, per our tradition for every MCC road trip maxiseries: one final collection of alternate scenes, extra details, and surplus attractions along the way that were squeezed out of the main narrative. Enjoy!

Union Anne and sign!

DAY ONE: Anne and her new Union Army cap at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

We Bare Bears bears!

DAY TWO: Bears bearing bears: the cast of Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears at CNN Center.

Coke happy dude!

Alternate shot of one of the World of Coca-Cola’s soda jerk statues,

Coke Latin America!

Free sampling options from Latin America courtesy of the same multinational corporation.

Funko Pop MST3K!

DAY THREE: Tempting souvenirs at the Center for Puppetry Arts gift shop included Crow and Tom Servo Funko Pops.

Navy periscope!

Periscope and submarine cross-section recreation honoring our 39th President’s naval career at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

Boehm Porcelain Rose!

A Boehm Porcelain Rose awarded to Rosalynn Carter, named the National Mental Health Association’s Volunteer of the Decade in 1980.

Muppets via Carter!

Other nifty things that happened on Carter’s watch include Muhammad Ali and the Muppets.

Cap + Carter!

Souvenirs from good times when Captain America got along with the American government.

Vampire Diaries!

Bonus items in the Carter Museum’s Hollywood exhibit include props from The Vampire Diaries.

vulture and tower!

DAY FOUR: A vulture flies around the broadcast tower atop Stone Mountain.


The Haydari (read: Turkish yogurt dip) from our dinner at Truva.

Coke sign!

Alternate shot of the Coke sign down the street from our hotel, better lit but segueing between messages.

Xerxes and Spartans!

DAY SEVEN: Xerxes and Spartans in the Dragon Con cosplay parade. I Instagrammed this shot, but failed to revisit my shots of the striding Spartans later.

Spartans IV!

Still more Spartans.

Curie and Epicurus!

Race for the Cures: Madame Marie Curie with her face hidden and the philosopher Epicurus, onetime star of two DC graphic novels.

downtown Nashville!

DAY EIGHT: Downtown Nashville on our way home.

Eight days. 1200+ miles. Two states, not counting home or completely skipping Kentucky. One hotel. One battlefield. One amazing colossal geek convention. Two mountains. Two donut shops. Two Nobel Peace Prizes. Two Grammy Awards. Three Academy Awards for three Best Pictures. Scooters and Coca-Cola everywhere. Nine major Atlanta attractions. Multiple tributes to President Carter, Martin Luther King, human rights, the 1996 Summer Olympics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Muppets.

We’re the Goldens. This is who we are and what we do.

The End. Thanks for reading. Lord willing, we’ll see you on our next annual road trip.

* * * * *

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The End!

The last word from an old-timey Coke film. Catch the wave! Coke!

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