MCC 2015 Food Photo Marathon #4: Half One Thing, Half Another

Acapulco Burrito!

Our very special MCC extended interlude continues!

Four out of every five business days I bring a home-assembly turkey-‘n’-cheese sandwich to work for lunch. It’s one of the little ways we cut budget corners so we can set aside more disposable income for conventions, vacations, comics, movie tickets, and so on. Spending eight or ten bucks a day on lunch works out to $40-$50/week, or $160-$250/ month, or $1,920-$3,000/year. That’s an awful lot of geek merchandise and travel frills to leave behind. So cheap sack lunches are the rule of my routine.

Once a week I do lunch out with a coworker. On extremely rare occasions, when I’m absolutely sick and tired of Oscar Meyer, and we didn’t have any leftovers in the fridge that I could bring to work and nuke, then I might go out alone for a bite. Pictured above from one such outing is a burrito topped with chili sauce and chili con queso, garnished by a small sidekick of salad, all from a Mexican place called Acapulco Joe’s. I’d been wanting to try it for years, but I kept forgetting it was there. From the dingy decor and rustic exterior, I hadn’t expected an arty presentation that looks like something Two-Face would order from his personal crime chef.

…thus endeth the entry where I left it when I wrote it in advance a month ago.

Meanwhile in the present, I’m typing this live from our hotel in New Orleans, where we’ve been hanging out the past few days as part of our 2015 road trip. We drove partway down on Saturday, stopped for one night in Alabama, then sped the rest of the way here. As always, we’ll be sharing a series of photos of our seven-day experience with You, the Viewers at Home, after we return home to Indiana, decompress, and assess any damage incurred from the past few days’ murderstorms that we’ve heard left many Hoosiers in precarious positions and understandably on edge.

(…says the guy who picked exactly the right time to get out of town and avoided the central Indiana storms that made the Weather Channel’s national news, only to vacation in New Orleans nine years and eleven months after Hurricane Katrina, though the weather here has been sunny and burning every day. Somewhere in there is an irony I’m having trouble unpacking.)

Tomorrow we leave Louisiana, but we have many more stops on our agenda, including more attractions in Alabama and what may be the most interesting city in Mississippi. All of those locales will have a tough time topping the culinary experience we’ve had down here in the Crescent City, which absolutely earns its reputation as a competitive arena for some amazing restaurants, one or two of which served things besides seafood. Expect better food pics in the weeks ahead, not to mention the usual assortment of history, creativity, candor, and wonderment that marks all our favorite annual road trips.

If you moved past the single irrelevant pic, actually clicked on the entry, and read all the way down here where I’ve buried the lede as a sort of teaser for the “2015 Road Trip Photos” series…well, hello there! Thanks for reading. You’re officially awesome. Updates as they occur, assuming we escape the French Quarter alive in the morning.

(P.S.: Cafe Beignet > Cafe du Monde.)


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