MCC 2015 Food Photo Marathon #3: Farewell with Cupcakes


Our very special MCC extended interlude continues!

Dateline: October 2014 at work. One of my teammates retired after twenty-odd years with the company and per regulations was entitled to one (1) retirement party with visitors, memories, congratulations, family guests, gifts, speeches, food, fruit punch made from random two-liters, and the opportunity to enjoy all of this on the clock. It’s all part of the company’s sincerely generous retirement package. Food varies from retirement party to retirement party based on the whims of the retiree. This time: cupcakes.


Pounds upon pounds of cupcakes, as it turned out. The cupcakes outnumbered the guests two-to-one. I mean, the turnout was decent and I was privileged to be asked to assist with food service, but whoever was in charge of purchasing went above and beyond on cupcake provisions. What you’re seeing in this cupcake lazy-Susan is less than half the total supply we had on hand. We kept the rest in the original boxes and refilled the holes as needed.

I’m sure any cupcake fans in the crowd appreciated the smorgasbord. And they’re pretty.


I don’t know how many were left over at the end. I didn’t ask and I didn’t look. For my part of cleanup assistance I concentrated on the non-food chores such as putting all the tables and chairs back where they belonged. At my size, I tend to be one of the first people that coworkers approach with the post-party question, “Do you wanna take some of this home?” My coworkers are benevolent like that. Though I frequently say yes, one of my many dark secrets is that I’m not a fan of ordinary-flavored cupcakes. This set tasted fine for what they were and look like they’d make swell knickknacks if they were made of porcelain. I hope whoever took them all home didn’t regret it. I’m assuming they were fine with their choices.

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