A Stack of Cross-Cuts from Indy’s Festival of Trees 2022

me doing jazz hands next to "A Christmas Story" replica leg lamp.

Me with a major award.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

Every year the Indiana Historical Society in downtown Indianapolis hosts a special Christmas exhibit called the Festival of Trees, for which dozens of local businesses and charities festoon a tree or tree-shaped object with decorations befitting their interests and colors. A few days after Thanksgiving this year, my coworkers and I decided to make that time and sauntered over there on our lunch break…

I took enough pics for two MCC entries’ worth of Christmas trees, plus a handful of non-tree Christmas decorations as well as a few glimpses at the Historical Society’s year-round environs. Sadly I overlooked their Elf on the Shelf that was round there somewhere, and our visit was too early to catch its pal the Mensch on a Bench (yes, really), who only shows up for Hanukkah.

Trees are identified by their makers and/or sponsors. Enjoy some more!

YMCA turned a Christmas tree into a big Santa and added reindeer.

The YMCA turned their Christmas tree into Santa with reindeer.

Christmas tree with teddy bears wearing red Shriner fezzes.

The Shriners brought teddy bears and their trademark fezzes.

OneAmerica (insurance company) Christmas tree

OneAmerica, a company with which I have ties.

Harley Davidson Christmas motorcycle.

I’m pretty sure Southside Harley Davidson had a tree, but my eye was drawn to their accessories, such as an entire Christmas motorcycle.

Christmas tree with houses on it.

Citizens Energy Group, our water utility company.

Christmas tree with a red kid's wagon on top.

Riley Children’s Hospital topped their tree with a Radio Flyer wagon.

Christmas tree with purple trimmings.

I don’t drink, but Jackson Family Wines used lots of purple (for grapes, I presume), so they’re in.

Christmas tree with a few Grinches on it.

Alcohol fans who prefer a man-on-the-street presence can enjoy the work of Payless Liquors, who invited the Grinch, which implies some undercurrents to his story that Dr. Seuss left out.

Christmas tree with Civil War imagery on it, such as a "Gone with the Wind" ornament.

I nearly overlooked the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum tree until I noticed the Gone with the Wind still.

Christmas tree with lots of red and white, IU's school colors.

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University boasts their school colors.

Christmas tree with replica film props, such as Ralphie's bunny ears from "A Christmas Story".

Heartland Film Festival, which I’ve posted about in the past. This year we even attended a screening, which I haven’t written about yet. It’s on MCC’s ever-lengthening to-do list.

Christmas tree decorated by Vonnegut fans.

Someday I’ll go check out the Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library, and the twelve Vonnegut novels I read in high school will really pay off.

…and those were just the Christmas trees. Additional shots reveal other aspects of the museum beyond the holiday spirit.

30-foot Christmas tree viewed from the second floor.

A wider shot of the 30-foot tree from our previous gallery’s main photo reveals more of their rotunda.

Giant watches hanging from ceiling.

Giant watches hang above the main tree, just as time keeps marching over our heads.

Same watches, overhead view.

Alternate shot of those watches from the fourth floor.

Christmas trees on the fourth floor.

The Christmas tree collection reached as high as the top (fourth) floor.

Painting of Colonel Eli Lilly.

One hall is named after Colonel Eli Lilly, a Civil War veteran whose pharmaceutical empire is a longtime Society trustee.

Eva Kor exhibit wall art.

One of the more recent additions is an exhibit celebrating the life of Eva Mozes Kor, the Holocaust survivor Anne and I met in 2015 at her Terre Haute museum before her passing in 2019.

Photo of the Apollo 1 crew behind some Christmas decor.

One dark hallway ends with the current Wikipedia photo of the Apollo 1 crew, a reminder of that time we visited the Gus Grissom Museum in Mitchell.

Santa Claus mannequin on sleigh.

Mandatory Santa in the lobby.

A Christmas Story leg lamp replica amid a display reprising Ralphie's living room.

The replica leg lamp in our lead photo is part of a salute to the living room from A Christmas Story presented by the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre.

…and that’s pretty much the conclusion of our special two-part visit to the Festival of Trees 2022. If you’re in the area, I also highly recommend their restaurant, the Stardust Terrace Cafe. Located along downtown Indy’s White River Canal Walk (which we’ve photographed a couple of times in years past), the Cafe is among the few restaurants open on the west side of downtown, and lately has proven itself among the best for all our lunchtime needs. Now we can testify the exhibits are nifty, too.

My reflection in a red ball ornament.

We close with a Christmas ornament selfie. Cheers!

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