Walking in a Christmas Tree Forest: Indy’s Festival of Trees 2022

Me doing jazz hands in the little hall cut through the middle of a 30-foot Christmas tree.

Having a holly jolly Christmas under a 30-foot tree.

Every year the Indiana Historical Society in downtown Indianapolis hosts a special Christmas exhibit called the Festival of Trees, for which dozens of local businesses and charities festoon a tree or tree-shaped object with decorations befitting their interests and colors. Anne and I have been meaning to check out the Historical Society (with or without a holiday-based excuse) but kept failing to make time. A few days after Thanksgiving this year, my coworkers and I decided to make that time and sauntered over there on our lunch break. Anne doesn’t work downtown or at my company and therefore sadly wasn’t included in our field trip, but I took photos to share with her and with You, The Viewers at Home.

Trees are identified by their makers and/or sponsors. Enjoy!

Indianapolis Colts tree!

Might as well start with some of the big guns first: our Indianapolis Colts.

Indiana Pacers tree!

Our city’s longest-running major sports team, the Indiana Pacers.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway tree!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500, tried fitting an entire race car under their tree without even bothering to wrap it.

WTHR Christmas tree!

WTHR, Indy’s NBC affiliate, added autographs from their local newscasters and a giant NBC peacock on top.

Future Farmers of America Christmas tree!

A local chapter of the Future Farmers of America, throwers of the most gargantuan conventions in town.

Indianapolis Zoo tree!

The Indianapolis Zoo demonstrates what happens when free-range animals attack your tree.

First Choice Tree Service tree, leaning on purpose.

First Choice Tree Service demonstrates what happens when free-range elves attack your tree.

ICAN tree with doggos!

The Indiana Canine Assistant Network, provider of service dogs.

Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources Christmas tree with horsies!

Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, providers of therapy horses.

Avon Chick-Fil-A space shuttle tree!

The Chick-Fil-A in Avon — west of Indy, with one of the biggest drive-thrus around — went with a space-cow theme. Call it For All Mookind.

Jack's Donuts Christmas tree!

Jack’s Donuts, a Central Indiana chain with thirteen locations and counting.

Cups Coffee tree!

Cups Coffee, a pretty great shop across the street from our offices.

Circles Ice Cream Christmas tree!

Circles Ice Cream, a li’l shop we need to go track down sometime.

Union Jack Pub Christmas tree!

An Anglophilic tree (note the crown on top) from Union Jack Pub was among the lit trees stationed in a special darkroom.

Sullivan Hardware & Garden Christmas tree!

Sullivan Hardware & Garden, with two locations on the north side and not near our house.

Plow Games tiny Christmas tree!

The tiniest tree in the house, from software developers Plow Digital and Plow Games, viewed through a magnifying glass.

Wabash College Christmas tree!

Wabash College rounds out our darkroom sub-gallery.

Student Organization of Latinos Christmas tree!

Marian University’s Student Organization of Latinos. Exactly one (1) of my coworkers could name every flag unfurled here.

Ball State University Christmas tree!

Shout-out to Anne’s sister April, who’s now a professor at Ball State.

Butler eSports Christmas tree!

Butler University’s esports department reminds me of a recent episode of Leverage: Redemption.

New Wave Chiropractic Christmas tree with a skeleton in it!

New Wave Chiropractic brings a multi-holiday skeleton tree.

ArtMix Christmas tree with paper dolls!

ArtMix, an arts-education nonprofit, goes old-school with paper dolls.

Caroline Symmes Endowment pink and white Christmas tree!

The Caroline Symmes Children’s Cancer Endowment at Riley Children’s Hospital.

Polish Cultural Society of Indiana Christmas tree with two mannequin guards.

The Polish Cultural Society of Indiana, partnered with a design firm called MW Concepts.

Museum of Miniature Houses Christmas tree with dollhouse furniture!

The Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections.

Random Acts of Flowers red and green vases on a tree-shaped shelf.

Random Acts of Flowers, a charity that brings flowers and other kindnesses to healthcare inpatients.

nativity set inside a Christmas tree.

The only anonymously provided tree had a nativity set embedded inside.

…and there’re a couple dozen more pics where these came from, if anyone’s interested in an encore, or if I just get in the mood to add a Part II as a surprise gift. Granted, it’d be less of a surprise now that I’ve typed about it. But I’m only ruining the surprise for anyone who actually reads the words I type throughout this very site. That means you readers now have an edge over the non-reader followers. That’s why I love you best.

[UPDATED 12/18/2022: Yep, I posted a few more trees and other museum highlights. Merry Christmas!]

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