My 2012 in Pictures: a Montage of Montages Past and Future

From a purely photographic perspective, our family found 2012 far from boring, to say the least. It wasn’t without its share of trials, tears, and terrors, but it’s my fervent hope that the memories of those invigorating events caught on camera should outlast the emotional scars of the uglier incidents for years to come.

Some of the following subjects are from photo parades previously shared here on MCC. Some are from events that occurred prior to MCC’s inception on April 28, 2012. Some of these are sneak previews of photo parades that have been held in reserve until the conclusion of the 2012 Road Trip series, which is not represented in this gallery since it has its very own de facto home page.

That being said: the lighter side of 2012 from my limited vantage point appeared as follows. Enjoy!

To learn more about MCC photo collections from 2012, visit your local library for further reading that doesn’t exist, or check out these past entries:

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* Metropolis Superman Celebration 2012 Photo Gallery
* Threat Level Milquetoast: Visiting Indiana Beach Without Kids
* Indiana State Fair 2012 Photos: Sandwiches, Sculpture, and a Surprise Celebrity
* Wizard World Chicago: Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five
* GenCon: Parts One, Two, Three, Four
* Starbase Indy: Parts One, Two, Three

Legal disclaimer for the record: though the above-displayed “2012 in Pictures” gallery is entirely comprised of photos I personally snapped, all other galleries on this site are the collaborative efforts of myself and my amazing wife, to whom I owe ongoing credit and endless gratitude for any number of contributions and general above-and-beyond support in 2012.

See you in 2013!

[Special thanks to the Daily Post, whose Weekly Photo Challenge was directly responsible for today’s topic, which aims to complement and expand upon my previous MCC 2012 in Review.

Today is also Day Seven of the seven-day Daily Post’s “Just Do It!” Weekly Writing Challenge, in which WordPress bloggers were dared to post-a-day for seven consecutive days. This visual retrospective is lucky number seven, the show-stopping finale. Thanks for visiting!]

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