Wizard World Chicago 2012 Photos, Part 3 of 5: Costumes for the Win

My wife and I may have different goals and preferences at conventions, but one of our stronger common interests (besides a wish for better concession stand food) is a love of seeing other fans in costumes. All that inspiration, sartorial effort, and fashion derring-do enlivens and enriches even the most jaded, crowded, bizarrely laid-out of conventions. Of all the photos that we two snapped last weekend at Wizard World Chicago, these are my personal favorite costumes and scenes for random reasons.

Exhibit A: Pennywise is every nightmare you ever had. Bloodied nurse stands by, waiting to do her job after It is finished with you.

Pennywise is IT.

Axel from Kingdom Hearts II. I’m a sucker for characters from the first two Kingdom Hearts games.

Axel from "Kingdom Hearts II"

Loki seems much more at peace without his half-brother or large green assailants around.

Loki, God of Movie Mischief

Sherlock Holmes is perhaps as simple an outfit to assemble as a Doctor Who ensemble (which once again increased their presence this year). However, my wife and I have watched the first two episodes of Sherlock over the past two weeks, the first of which I’d like to watch two or three more times, and were delighted to see our first such fan, post-viewing. In the other corner, the only episode of Doctor Who we’ve ever stomached was played for us at a 2000 sci-fi convention where a team of fans were onstage submitting it to an amateur MST3K treatment. The episode was wretched; the commentary, differently so.

Advantage: the esteemed consulting detective.

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective

Victor Zsasz, one of the two most memorable Bat-villains to emerge from the 1980s Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle Detective Comics era.

Victor Zsasz via "Arkham City"

Static and Robin, the Boy Wonder. Fans of Static are 200% okay by me, especially if they’re so old-school that they call him “Static” and not “Static Shock”. Come to think of it, I should’ve tested this guy.

Static and Robin

Milk and Freeze. A carton of hate and a cylinder of spite.

Dr. Milk and Mr. Freeze

The Axis of Arachnids! Variant Spidey-costumes include New Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3 black Spidey, and Flipside from 2099.

Axis of Arachnids! Spideys on parade.

I rarely see classic Hulk villains at cons. Carl “Crusher” Creel, a.k.a. the Absorbing Man, shows up on their behalf, and even brings along his old ball-‘n’-chain.

Absorbing Man is very absorbing.

Hulk interview Storm. Hulk ask incisive questions. Hulk good journalist. Hulk ask flying weather lady for opinion of Halle Berry. Hulk hope for candid, catty answer. Wish Hulk luck!

HULK 360 presents the Storm interview THEY didn't want you to see!

Google says this is Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. Please correct this ignorant old man if I’ve trusted Google in vain. I’m not the best at identifying anime characters and always appreciate assistance. I like learning about new things.

Ciel Phantomhive from "Black Butler", whatever that is.

Green Arrow. Solemn. Brooding. Equipped. It works.

Green Arrow, star of TV's "Smallville"

Edward Scissorhands was the only Johnny Depp doppelgänger I noticed all weekend. Usually you can count on at least one Captain Jack Sparrow to make the rounds and meet the quota.

Edward Scissorhands puts up his dukes

Moon Knight, a welcome change of pace from the 6,000 Bat-characters on hand. (Additional Bat-representation will be included in a forthcoming entry.)

Marc Spector: Moon Knight, Fist of Khonshu, Spirit of Vengeance

We conclude with Finn, a tiny Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline with the Axe-bass, because iiiiit’s ADVENTURE TIME!


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