GenCon 2012 Photos, Episode 2 of 4: Media Guests and More Costumes!

My wife and I present more of our Costume Contest and non-competitive costume pics from GenCon 2012 in Indianapolis, as we personally witnessed on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Same disclaimers apply as in episode one regarding photo quality. Neither of us is a professional photographer, unless someone wants to PayPal us a tip in exchange for a copy of the original file for any of these pics. Then we’ll consider ourselves professional photographers. Until that impossibility happens, we’re just two fans sharing our experiences with a lovable, enthusiastic crowd.

Drow knights, either from Tolkien, Dungeons and Dragons, or one of their descendants.

Drow knights

Darth Talon, from John Ostrander and Jan Duursema’s erstwhile post-ROTJ series Star Wars: Legacy.

Darth Talon

Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man 2099, and Peter Parker. And to think, Spidey 2099 was worried that no one would recognize him. Even before my son and I played and loved Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, I already had (and still have) my complete run of the original Peter Parker/Rick Leonardi Spider-Man 2099 series (not the later issues after David left, though — meh). Consider yourself identified and appreciated, good sir.


Zot the Wizard, from a board game called Red Dragon Inn. As a longtime fan of the works of Scott McCloud, I find this name problematic.

Zot the board-game wizard

Q in his judge’s robes from “Encounter at Farpoint”, one of the very few openly Trek fans in evidence.

Judge Q.

A nurse from Silent Hill, apparently a video game set in a world where health care costs are carefully controlled and all the medical professionals in America quit their jobs except Dr. Nick Riviera.

"Silent Hill" nurse

Lady Captain America works just as hard for the troops, but for half the paycheck. BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Lady Captain America

Flo, live from Progressive!

Flo! Live from Progressive!


We’ll now take a momentary break from costume pics to allow readers to fetch snacks, visit the facilities, check email, return other people’s calls, and unwind for a few minutes. For those of you who are comfortable and have no needs at the moment, please enjoy this brief summary of the media guests on hand.

Wil Wheaton, Internet columnist and hardy survivor of child stardom, had the longest line of them all. He was last to arrive because he stopped on the way to pick up a copy of Netrunner, then tweet a photo of himself with it. We have a photo of him taking said photo, but this one sums up the just-this-guy ethos that’s kept him from turning into a geek diva.

the Internet's Wil Wheaton

Nichelle Nichols was as sweet and lovely as ever, but had a surprisingly short line, possibly because she’s no stranger to cons. We’d met her years ago, so we stood aside to allow others their chance.

Nichelle Nichols

Wes Bentley was a last-minute addition to the lineup, substituting for canceled guest Kristin Bauer, costar of a vampire show we don’t watch. Bentley, the costar of The Hunger Games and Best Picture winner American Beauty, had no line that Saturday. I like to think that all four-day attendees mobbed him on Friday and wanted to give us Saturday-only schlubs a chance. Much appreciated.

Wes Bentley

Of all the participants in Authors’ Avenue, my wife had her sights set on meeting one: Michael Stackpole, the man responsible from some of her favorite X-Wing Rogue Squadron novels. I bought a digital copy of his newest novel, the super-hero noir In Hero Years…I’m Dead, which I hope to read if someone ever buys me an eBook reader for a gift. Impulse convention buys are doubly fun when you don’t think them all the way through.

Michael Stackpole

END INTERMISSION. And now, back to our show.

This satyress was in charge of line-forming for author Paul Genesse and held us at bay until he packed up at 11 a.m. and gave up his booth to the incoming Mr. Stackpole.


I believe that’s a Poison Ivy variant, but I’m not sure who Lady Purple Stabby-Fingers is. At left is a member of Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts 2. At right is a trio from the hobbyist collective called …And Sewing is Half the Battle, who dressed and performed their own rendition of The Scarlet Pimpernel. When we arrived home and uploaded our photos from cameras to PC, I was flabbergasted to discover this was the best shot we had of them. I wanted to spike both cameras on the ground and stomp them to bits.

Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, a previous offstage performance by the same three sartorially superior players is available for online viewing. Once again the day is saved, thanks to YouTube!

Cosplay assortment -- historical, comics, PS2, and...anime?

Alas, the name of this fairy-style character is forever lost in a mishmash of several costume-contest notes that couldn’t be matched up to specific photos.

Fantasy fairy?

One of two Deadpools we caught. They should totally have fought it out for ‘Pool supremacy.

A Deadpool

A quiet moment and some candy shared between one of a few Sailor Moons and one of several thousand Doctor Whos in the house. (Seriously, the Who North America booth was filled with Whovians poring over the Who-merchandise and Who-supplies. With such a hardcore fandom willing to represent for it, I’m beginning to get the impression that perhaps it might be a not-bad show.)

Sailor Moon and Doctor Who

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover from the MMORPG League of Legends. I’d never heard of LoL before GenCon and had some reading to do when I came home. Regretfully, I have to abstain from MMOs because I’m well aware of how many hours I’d spend on them per week if given the chance. It’s for the sake of all my other hobbies and family that I have to say no.

Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover

Swain and Lulu, also from League of Legends. I don’t think they’re sheriffs.

Swain and Lulu

If I’ve done my math right, I believe this is an entire League of Legends class reunion. I’m not sure how many years have passed since graduation, but they look younger than ever.

League of Legends

To be continued!

[In our next part: still more costumes, including a few low-quality samples of competitors who appear to be vibrating at the speed of Barry Allen.]

17 responses

    • We’re kinda spoiled by GenCon practically being in our backyard. On the other hand, every July I sit at the computer and whimper while people I know out in California won’t shut up about how awesome the San Diego Comic Con is.


    • Yeah, I thought you’d appreciate that one. 😉 She double-checked her EU-author autographs and couldn’t believe she hadn’t met Stackpole yet. I think he was at a previous GenCon, but either we couldn’t find him or he attended the wrong day, I forget which.


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    • I made a habit of taking pics of all the LoL costumes I saw at the con. I only missed Sona, Zyra, and you! I heard there was a Reverse Annie wandering around as well, but that she ended up in a different costume later in the con or something.


      • I only wore my costume the day of the contest, and only for about 7hours that day! So I am sure a lot of people missed me, I had Hat issues from the drive up and needed to fix it!


  2. Just so you know, League of Legends isn’t an MMORPG. It’s a ridiculously fun MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). It has more in common with multiplayer RTS games than MMOs. In fact, the concept for LoL is loosely based on a multiplayer mod for Warcraft 3 called “Defense of the Ancients” (or DOTA).


    • Thanks very much for the clarification. I’m familiar with RTS games (I played a little StarCraft waaay back when, plus a few from the Sim City line), but I’ve never heard the term “MOBA” before. I’m updating my mental lexicon accordingly.


  3. Dude! I was Spiderman 2099 in the pic near the top! So stoked I found this. Haha i was recognized a LOT more than I expected to be. This is awesome 🙂


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