Advertisements Magic Elves Offer Colorful Second Opinion of My 2012

Important part first: Happy New Year’s to one and all!

Here’s hoping 2013 will be Best Year Ever for all of you, whether you’re planning to expand on your 2012 achievements and victories, secretly wishing for a complete do-over, or were born within the past hour and have no basis for comparison.

Since most readers are either partying or recovering (depending on how soon this is being read), I’ve allowed myself to relax a little more than usual tonight, spending more time with family than with keyboard. It’s my understanding that correcting this imbalance at least three or four days per year is strongly recommended by most of my relatives, biased though they are. That meant less time for writing and more for board games, but in my mind it’s an exchange more than fair, even though my wife and son refused to let me unleash our Scrabble set and trounce them both just once.

In lieu of an overlong piece about New Year’s resolutions (expect something along those lines tomorrow, because of worldwide mandatory blogging bylaws), the following Very Special Report is provided as a treat for my fellow blog stat junkies, or for fans of cute animated fireworks.

The congenial forces at have compiled an automated 2012 Annual Report for each and every user, complete with animated fireworks and offscreen minion machinations. Several blogs I follow shared their reports with readers like me, so I figured I’d join the party in kind. Those of you who already read the 2012-in-review that I compiled myself (and who may be growing restless and weary of the past few days’ recurring hurray-for-2012 motif) will still find a few new surprises in their version. Value-added embellishments include:

* A starring role for my Top 5 commenters of the year, fabulous folks whose blogs you should seek and cherish.
* The head-scratching part where one of my Top Five Posts listed in my year-end review has been booted off the chart by the year-end review itself.
* The revelation that my busiest day of 2012 was, incredibly, not the result of a Freshly Pressed post. Shocking but true!
* A rare look at international viewers.
* Fireworks! Because New Year’s!
* My total views for 2012, which I normally refrain from posting, largely because I have no idea where my stats fall on the WordPress traffic spectrum. I know plenty of you young old-timers retain bragging rights and the privilege of kicking sand in my face. For anyone who considers my grand total not-small, I’ve narrowed down the list of possible causes to four:

1. One or more people found something of merit buried in my frequent bouts of logorrhea.
2. Spammers are my true #1 fans.
3. My wife won’t stop clicking on links while she’s at work.
4. Googlers be trippin’.

Enjoy! And get some rest!

Here’s a spoiler-filled excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 30,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 7 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report, plus free fireworks!


11 responses

    • I’ll spoil just one surprise: on this side of the date line, “Gangnam Style” still exists. At midnight I expected it to disappear in a puff of smoke and be replaced by “The Curly Shuffle”, but no such luck.


        • Thankfully no PSY/Hammer “2 Gangnam 2 Quit” duet yet. I’d give it five years, after PSY falls off the pop-culture radar and ends up destitute and shopping at the same swap meet as Hammer. Then we’ll see the creative sparks fly, possibly as a VH1 reality series.


  1. this was the first new years i spent AT my keyboard. after getting out of a planetside 2 match, i noticed the time was 11:59, so i turned on the tv and the screen came on right at 9 seconds to go. good thing it was still tuned into nbc from monday night football. no fireworks this year because SOMEONE threw out my leftover festival balls from the 4th for some crazy, inconsiderate reason. happy new years, regardless, lol.


    • Ten minutes till midnight we turned away from the Syfy Twilight Zone marathon to Ghost of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to see which flash-in-the-pan personalities were helping that plastic usurper Ryan Seacrest count backward. We heard fewer explosions from our neighbors this year, possibly because the discount fireworks they picked up at our nearby WalMart were made with more impure gunpowder than last year’s. Hopefully none of these things is a harbinger for 2013.

      And happy new year to you, too!


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