The Fantabulous 50s Weekend, Part 2: Mighty Marvel Cinemania

Iron Man Mark I armor!

The Iron Man Mark I armor, the very first costume in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

In addition to our annual road trips, my wife Anne and I have a twice-yearly tradition of spending our respective birthdays together traveling to some new place or attraction as a short-term road trip — partly as an excuse to spend time together on those most wondrous days, partly to explore areas we’ve never experienced before. We’re the Goldens. It’s who we are and what we do.

I’ve just now lived to see 50, and after weeks of research and indecision, we planned an overnight journey to the next state over, to the capital city of Columbus, Ohio, which had cool stuff that this now-fiftysomething geek wanted to see. Columbus, then, would be the setting for our first outing together as quintagenarians…

…so we old folks had fun roaming around a kiddie museum, Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry, immersing ourselves in the all-ages roadshow exhibit “Marvel: Universe of Super-Heroes”. As you’d expect from a mainstream celebration of a massive multimedia corporation with an audience of hundreds of millions, many vitrines were devoted to keepsakes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Costumes and props worn and touched by the actors (and/or stunt doubles) were all around the hall, imbuing onlookers with that keen vibe of authentic Hollywood proximity. We’d previously seen MCU items on our Atlanta trip back in 2019, but I was gratified to notice very little overlap between the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum’s collection and this one.

Iron Man accessories!

Tony Stark’s Mark V briefcase from Iron Man 2 and Arc Reactor from Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel's Tesseract!

The Tesseract, or “Cosmic Cube” to us longtime readers. This reminds me of one of our old alarm clocks.

Black Panther costumes!

Okoye! T’Challa! Shuri! Wakanda forever!

Black Widow costume!

Black Widow, from her own movie/swan song.

Captain America shield!

Captain America’s shield from Avengers: Endgame, which the Atlanta collection also had. Or, more likely, each museum had one of several shields used in filming.

Thor costume!

Thor, returning to theaters July 8th!

Hela costume!

Cate Blanchett’s unbelievably comics-accurate Hela costume from Thor: Ragnarok.

Loki helmet!

Loki’s helmet, impossible to photograph without reflections. But sometimes those can be fun Easter-egg glimpses around the rest of the exhibit hall.

Captain Marvel costumes!

Case in point: costumes from Marvel’s Captain Marvel, while Marvel’s Ms. Marvel hero-worships her from another wall.

Spider-Man costume!

Tom Holland’s togs from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Green Goblin accessories!

Green Goblin’s mask and pumpkin bomb, now part of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse courtesy of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Daredevil costume!

Will the same inclusive invitation be extended to Formerly Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil, unchanged and without rebooting? (Its season-1 fleeting mentions of “The Event” barely count toward canonical legitimacy.)

Nelson & Murdock sign!

Ditto the law firm of Nelson & Murdock. Only time will tell.

Luke Cage hoodie!

Much respect to Luke Cage, but after his infuriating cliffhanger, I’d be okay with a full do-over.

Star-Lord costume!

Even more infuriating: Star-Lord, the hotheaded moron who got billions killed.

Gamora costume!

Much happier to welcome Gamora back to the land of the living for the sake of that Guardians of the Galaxy reunion finale.

Drax's knives!

Remember that time Drax got stabby on a space monster? That was awesome.

Vision and Scarlet Witch costumes!

The Vision and Scarlet Witch. Um, mild spoilers for WandaVision.

WandaVision old-time radio!

A WandaVision old-time radio, like your great-grandparents used to have.

Dr. Strange costume!

Dr. Strange (now in theaters! coming to Disney+ June 22nd!), whose mementos were displayed in a trippy hall of mirrors.

Eye of Agamotto!

The Eye of Agamotto, mostly from the first one. Its closet in the Sanctum Sanctorum probably looks exactly like this.

Ancient One costume!

The Ancient One’s robes, in a setting 100% apropos.

But wait! There’s more! To be continued!

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