Merry Christmas from MCC!

Christmas String Quartet!

Even though our workplace is 90% work-from-home, building management hired a string quartet to usher in a morning of Christmas cheer.

It’s that time again! Another Christmas, another quick new photo gallery of our seasonal surroundings. Somehow we never quite run out of sights, not even in this, the Worst Year Ever.

me wearing my Buddy the Elf sweater.

I still dig my Buddy the Elf “ugly” sweater no matter how awfully it accentuates my pandemic bod…which, to be fair, wasn’t exactly svelte as of 2019.

We here at Midlife Crisis Crossover do strive to provide a healthy mix of words and pictures in our blogarithmic formula. If you’d rather not settle for mere pictures, please enjoy the following lengthy strings of words from years past, which were largely more joyous and better inspired moments of comedy:

rows and rows of Smores Kits.

Our building management also offered all tenants these free S’Mores kits, each containing four graham crackers, two marshmallows, and two mini Hershey bars.

Merry Christmas to all, Hearty Holidays, Vivacious Vacation, Delightful December, and/or congratulations on surviving 2020, the latest supervillain addition to everyone’s personal Rogues’ Gallery. May your day be merry and bright, your personal celebrations delightful and invigorating, your downtime peaceful and rewarding, and your days and loved ones comforting, healing, and safe.

the star on our Christmas tree.

Obligatory Christmas lights from atop our tree. Because if any year needs light shined into it, it’s this one.

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