What Christmas is All About: an Imaginary Dramatic Reading

As a gift to loyal Midlife Crisis Crossover readers, allow me to perform a simple act of kindness: my shortest post of the month. If I put my mind to it, I’m sure I could plan a 300-word post about What Christmas Is All About and watch it spiral out of control past the 1500-word mark…or I could acknowledge the hectic week before me and refrain from siphoning too much of your free time.

Pardon me while I step back and defer instead to a famous TV soliloquy, a more wizened reading voice, and a face that launched a thousand viral placards:

Christmas with Morgan Freeman

See? Morgan Freeman photos are the next best thing to a Certificate of Authenticity.

(Luke 2 is partially quoted with vital context excised, but perhaps that’s a nitpick best left for a different day.)

Housekeeping postscripts:

1. Context for newcomers can be found in a previous post.

2. Credit for the Freeman photo is once again owed to CynSimp via photopin cc).

3. In addition to your extraordinary holiday or ordinary weekday of choice, today is also Day One of the seven-day WordPress.com Daily Post’s “Just Do It!” Weekly Writing Challenge, in which WordPress bloggers have been dared to post-a-day for the next seven days. Consider this noted for the record for new readers, though longtime readers should notice no effect on our regular programming schedule.

4. Seriously, though: Merry Christmas to all, Hearty Holidays, Vivacious Vacation, Delightful December, and/or congratulations on surviving 2012!

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