Top 10 Changes When “Supergirl” Moves to The CW


One of our souvenirs from C2E2 last March. Follow the link for our even better Supergirl photo!

My wife and I were pleased to learn this evening one of our favorite shows now on the air, DC’s Supergirl, has been renewed for season 2 after a few rounds of negotiated compromises. Up front we’ve been told the show will be relocating from Los Angeles to Vancouver for cheaper filming, if they can find a few square feet not in use by the 300 other shows and movies already shooting there. Biggest change of all (for now): Supergirl will be moving from CBS to The CW, which is bad news for fans in numerous cities without their own CW affiliate. Here’s hoping your internet access is higher-quality than your local broadcasting industry is.

What else does this mean for the show? What other corners will be cut? What wrongheaded executive demands will ruin everything and turn us all against it? I shudder to contemplate what the future holds for our beloved stars and the only CBS show I’ve followed within the last four years.

From the home office in Indianapolis, IN: Top 10 Changes When “Supergirl” Moves to The CW:

10. No more pricey superpower effects, just crimefighting with lots of spunk and wit
9. Evil Kryptonians replaced by evil young sexy bankers
8. Weekly love triangles created faster than Kara can ditch them
7. Cat Grant gives up coffee, gets hooked on Subway $5 footlongs. Subway: eat fresh!
6. Double the new-music montages, but performed by amateur singers “for exposure”
5. David Harewood’s hopes for DC’s Agents of D.E.O. spinoff unreasonably high
4. No more Scorpion ads to cringe at
3. Main villain Mr. Mxyzptlk is just a sock puppet with a tiny fedora
2. Guy we thought was Superman revealed as Rogelio from Jane the Virgin

And the Number One Change When Supergirl Moves to The CW:

1. CW demands total reboot, hires new cast made of actresses who died on other shows

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