Happy First Birthday, Free Earth Day Plant!

Earth Day Potted Palm!

On Earth Day 2015 as a fun perk, my employer marked the occasion by giving out free tiny potted palms to every home office employee. They were three inches tall, probably the kind that professional greenhouses give out to kids visiting on field trips. Most of them were probably dead within a week.

Just for kicks, I decided to conduct an experiment by seeing what would happen if I actually tried to take care of it. One year later, behold the results.

Considering how terrible I am at lawn care, this flourishing specimen is a miracle. The secrets: large windows to let in plenty of sunshine, generous watering, small doses of plant food that cost me a couple bucks, intermittent pruning to remove weakening leaves from the bunch, and a flowerpot large enough to let the roots grow out. The pot was a pricey acquisition at Lowe’s, but I liked its looks and I thought it would be just the thing to keep the experiment going. So far, so good.

With just a bit of effort, even within a contained system, life can find a way. Go figure.

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    • Yet! Fun postscript: today we had another company holding a mini-Earth Day fair in our lobby, giving out freebies like seeds, pens, cake pops, and…free tiny plants. Different species, not another potted palm, but now I find myself with twice as many roots to feed…


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