Chicago Photo Tribute #11: Hail Hydrants!

Fire hydrant!

Psychedelic nature hydrant was one of the most eye-catching of the lot, and that’s what counts. That and the capacity for fire extinguishing.

It’s that time again! At least twice per year, Anne and I travel to Chicago to attend one of their fascinating Midwest comics/entertainment convention. This coming weekend, it’s C2E2’s turn, that gala of a con that’s as close as we may ever come to San Diego. In years past we’ve shared photos from our previous visits to the Windy City, where we like to explore the surroundings beyond the shows. With Chicago on our minds once more, and with a mile-long to-do list in front of me that’s maybe 10% complete…here’s another round of Chicago photo-sharing.

Dateline: September 28, 2013. That year we made a third excursion to Chicago without a con as our excuse, this time as part of a non-geek group tour. We’ve shared a few pics from that experience previously, including our primary objective of catching a showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Before that, we spent some time walking the grounds near Navy Pier, an area enlivened with sculptures and, for some reason, lots and lots of custom-painted fire hydrants.

These are a few of the hydrants we ran across that day, all of which Anne helpfully captured on camera. I think some of them are no longer there as of this writing, so maybe some of these pic are technically collectors’ items. Enjoy!

Chicago Fire hydrant!

This one was officially sponsored by Navy Pier themselves. Looks like an interdimensional rift comprising several amoebae of staggering size.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

I believe I can firefight! I believe I can douse the fire…

Chicago Fire hydrant!

A salute to olde-tyme firefighting, with firestagecoach pulled by firehorses. Or some other themed terms like those.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Same hydrant, different side. Just because.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Sponsored by the Chicago Firefighters Run. A different look at water from a molecular perspective. Or a most unusual fishing net.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

The point of these creations is to celebrate the heroism of Chicago firefighters in particular and firefighters in general. This brave fellow sums up the sentiment.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Racing helmet hydrant! Because sometimes racecars catch fire and need help, too.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Sponsored by Far as dogs are concerned, this product placement is rather logical.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Sponsored by Hot Stuff Cinnamon Whiskey. Because burning sensation.

We found these last four hydrants later the same day by one of the skyscrapers near our rendezvous point. I’ve since forgotten which building, but I’m sure it was a pretty famous one.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

I like to imagine these are the world’s largest water balloons, set afloat by 22nd-century technology to fall and burst all over house fires. Someday, balloonist science will see us through.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Sponsored by RAM Racing and Hot Chocolate. A bit blurrier than I would’ve liked, but it says “chocolate” so I can’t just leave it out.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

Sponsored by Motorola, who make a fine gateway that made it possible for us to drop AT&T DSL years ago.

Chicago Fire hydrant!

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club wants YOU to help kick fires to the curb!

* * * * *

For those who missed the rest of the series, previous installments are linked below for catching up at your leisure. You can also follow the “Chicago” tag for previous reports from C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago. Thanks for reading!

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