Chicago Photo Tribute #12: Random Reasons to Visit

Chicago Loop!

The view from the Westin along the Chicago River, with a window-washer’s-eye view of the Loop.

Chicago beckons us once more. I’m up late tonight preparing for our geek-filled journey to the sixth annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, or “C2E2” to those of us who have better things to do with our free time than indulge in extra syllables. I’m roughly 60% packed, have lots more printing to do, and torn as to whether or not to bother with back issues at all this year, and working under the assumption I won’t be able to sleep tonight even if I stop typing at the end of this sentence and go immediately to bed.

Hey, look at that. Still here.

Conventions are a great excuse for us to make the 3½-hour drive from Indianapolis to Chicago, but the Windy City offers a variety of reasons to drop in and hang out.

Y’like tall buildings? They have those, mostly taller than those in our city. Skyscraper aficionados will be hard pressed to find anyplace competitive within four hours of our house. A few cities try to compete — Cincinnati, Louisville, while both St. Louis and Milwaukee are just barely beyond that arbitrarily chosen time frame — but they’re still not Chicago.

Lake Point Tower!

Lake Point Tower looms near the Navy Pier and will photobomb a lot of your shots of the park sculptures.

Chicago museums are among the best. Between the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and George Lucas’ proposed museum, it’s a fantastic place to look at things in display cases and contemplate world history and/or cool old stuff.

Field Museum!

The Field Museum as seen from Lake Shore Drive. It was one of the first stops on our 2009 road trip, which I’ll have to reprise someday here on MCC.

Also, food is everywhere in Chicago and the whole Chicagoland area. Toss a stick in any direction and you’ll break the window of a joint that’s better than any twenty restaurants back home. You might get punched in the mouth for breaking that window, but the meal will be worth it, no matter how many of your teeth are still in place.

Stuffed Artichoke!

The stuffed artichoke at Romano’s in Rosemont. We discovered it by accident next door to a Quizno’s that was only open for bankers’ hours.

Or you can wander the streets marveling at life in all its various shapes and sizes and mob formations. People-watching in brief, casual, non-stalkery shifts can be engaging in its own way. If animals are invading the city folks’ turf, it’s a different kind of fun.


Even the Chicago crumbs thrown to Chicago pigeons are probably better than yours.

…or you can do conventions, typically either at McCormick Place Chicago or at the Donald Stephens Center in Rosemont. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Handy survival tip: McCormick Place has better food.


DISCLAIMER: Not a photo.

We’re on the road in the morning. Updates on Twitter as they occur, assuming we find Wi-Fi access. Full rundown next week on MCC. Thanks for reading!

* * * * *

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