Gen Con 2014 Photos, Part 4 of 6: Costumes Around the Show Floor

Ms. Marvel!

The all-new Ms. Marvel!

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: my wife and I attended Gen Con 2014 and took pictures as usual.

Parts One through Three were folks in the Costume Contest. In Parts Four and Five: convention attendees who opted out of competition but availed themselves of the activities and walking space all over the bustling, crowded exhibit hall. More lighting, more time to concentrate, and no dozens of rows of chairs separating us from the cosplayers. Much better results in general.



The Penguin! Wak wak waaaaak!

Green Arrow!

Green Arrow! Or maybe just Arrow. I’ve lost track of how to tell them apart. It’s definitely not Hawkeye.


If DC insists Aquaman has to make the transition to the big screen, this is how he needs to look. I’d still avoid the fishies-commanding thing, though.

Weeping Angel!

A Lonely Assassin! Our obligatory Doctor Who check-in.

Darth Vader!

Possibly the niftiest Darth Vader shot either of us has ever taken.


I used to collect Jawas. I still have a box full of ’em out in the garage. These two have robes made of what looked like carpeting, which to me seems like an odd choice for desert wear. But I imagine they know their alien landscape better than I do, so…

Mara Jade!

MARA JADE LIVES! Our household will brook none of your nonsense about the Star Wars Expanded Universe being tossed out the window. HUMBUG.

King Leonidas!

King Leonidas hangs out with his new pals, who hopefully won’t die as quickly as the last 299 did.

Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime! Some assembly required.

Lara Croft!

Lara Croft heads into all-out war with minions from the board game Rivet Wars.

Samus Aran!

Samus Aran in her Zero Suit, sans Metroid armor. (ID credit: my son.)


Sora! From the great Kingdom Hearts.

Sora's Final Form!

Variation on a theme that I’ve never seen done as cosplay: Sora’s Final Form. Major thumbs-up.

Lightning and Serah!

Longtime MCC readers know I brake for Final Fantasy characters. Hence, three cheers for Lightning and Serah from FFXIII! And, we think, Snow with a Moogle! (Special thanks to helpful commenter Kat for the assist.)

To be continued!

* * * * *

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4 responses

  1. Comment for your last photo: That would Lightning from XIII in her Lightning Returns costume, yes! However, the other girl is her sister Serah, presumably from XIII-2 (not Vanille, I know, they all have pink hair, but Vanille uses a slingshot, while Serah uses the mecha-bow-thing). I would assume the gentleman is Snow, Serah’s fiance.


    • Rats! I’ve even played XIII-2 but forgot Serah was a PC with her own weapon, which looks nothing like Vanille’s staff. Same goes double for their hair, kind of a brainless oversight on my part. And yeah, Snow makes sense, but doing without his trademark bandanna threw me off.

      Caption’s updated now. Thanks very much for the corrections!

      Liked by 1 person

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