MCC Live-Tweeting: “Sharknado 2: the Second One”

Sharknado! Two!

Shark and Tornado. Tornado and Shark. Who’s the master and who’s the servant?

Because too many viewers patronized the first one! Thanks to America’s unreasonable groundswell of bemused support of the original Sharknado, Syfy and The Asylum felt emboldened enough to scrape together a few more quarters, call in some former celebrities for cameos, clear the browser cache in their visual-effects software, and make Sharknado 2: the Second One on purpose.

I can’t imagine why anyone would write a straightforward review of this, not even if you were a paid TV critic, unless you’re keen to address the arguments for or against the concept of meta-grade-Z flicks. I see both sides of the debate over which is morally superior, mocking unintentionally bad films versus mocking intentionally bad films, but I opted out of the debate and launched into an evening of fun, carefree live-tweeting without contemplating my justifications or pondering the ramifications of encouraging Syfy’s agenda.

Collected below for posterity or whatever are the results of that experience. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. You’ve been officially warned. About the movie and the spoilers, I mean.

…and thus it ends with an Avengers end-credits homage, except with pizza instead of shawarma, just like any real NYC tourist would do.

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    • Fun times, isn’t it? I’ll probably get to watch a second time this weekend with my wife, who only got to see the first ten minutes. I missed several cameos and lines of dialogue the first time around, so for me it’ll be like new!


  1. Part of the enjoyment for me was seeing, without accessing IMDB, which celebrity would be CGI’d out of existence next from fake shark bites, whether Kelly Osbourne, Wil Wheaton, or Judd Hirsch. It was the basest level of fun I have seen for a long time on television, granted that I could not really follow whatever plot had been written for the film. After all, the subtitle “The Second One” and awkward add ins from other Universal channels like NBC or the Weather Channel, cheapen the experience. I thought it was a good mixture of pop culture, nerd culture, online culture which, probably, will bring ratings for the Sci-fi, excuse me, Syfy Channel.

    Morgan Howland
    Pop Song History blog.


    • This one definitely had a bigger budget than the first one, more celebs interested in joining the fun, and more advertisers wanting to hop aboard the Sharknado Express, and yet the plot was still thinner than newspaper. I rarely watch Syfy Original Movies, but compared to what few I’ve glimpsed, Sharknado 2 is the best Syfy Original Movie in world history.


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