Comics are for Everyone. Period.

Comics are for everyone

Design by Jordie Bellaire and Steven Finch. See unaffiliated link at end of entry for buying from them.

This shirt doesn’t exist yet, but I’ll be camped out in line as soon as the line forms.

Hot on the heels of last week’s double-barrel underage-hero-ogling/rape-threat controversy, another brouhaha hit the comic spheres Sunday evening when comics writer Landry Walker (The Incredibles, Danger Club) wandered around the show floor at WonderCon and was startled to find the following objet d’hate existing for sale:

…ugh. Not that exclusionary fanguys didn’t already have plenty of merchandise tailored specifically to them, but this one speaks directly to the heart of so many recent hostilities. I may not read the same comics as everyone else, but it’d the height of arrogance to proclaim that all the comics should be all for me. Some publishers may be better a diversity than others on all the available levels, but taken as a whole, if you can find trusty guides to point you in the right directions, the medium really does have something for every reader out there. As well it should.

To that end, colorist extraordinaire Jordie Bellaire (Deadpool, Moon Knight, Magneto, Pretty Deadly, Three, etc., etc.) and a cohort named Steven Finch (parenthetical credits here if I knew who he was) designed the proposed T-shirt you see at the top of this entry. Bellaire hopes to have a site up and running circa May so this can exist, so supporters can buy several for themselves and friends, and so she and Finch can die heroic and wealthy. She hopes to see stickers and buttons in the mix as well for all your anti-dudebro needs.

I’ll happily update here as more info becomes available. The C.A.F.E. shirt sadly won’t be ready in time for this weekend’s C2E2, but I’d love to sport this at Indy Pop Con at the end of May. I can bide my time if I must, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing other artists producing more merchandise along these lines, in even bigger and bolder designs. It’d be nice to fortify my wardrobe with more defenses like this to wear at cons and balance out the presence of card-carrying reps from the He-Man Woman-Haters Club or the boys down at the Get Rid Of Slimy girlS treehouse.

* * * * *

[Updated 5/13/2014: Shirts are now available for purchase! Go buy some for the entire family!]


6 responses

      • 🙂 Well said! Do you follow Dr.Geek?… she offers a lot of academic insights into the whole thing. As a geek girl, I feel like I’ve opened a lot of minds simply by doing my own thing. Which, if you think about it, is what geeks are all about. 🙂


        • Exactly! It’s utterly repulsive watching one fan tell another, “YOU’RE LIKING IT WRONG.” If we were remotely interested in liking things “correctly”, we wouldn’t be geeks in the first place. We’d be watching Two-and-a-Half Men or reading National Enquirer along with the commoners.

          I don’t follow TheGeekAnthropologist, but their About page looks really familiar. They may be on my “come back to this blog later” list that’s gotten massively out of hand and hasn’t been revisited in months. I appreciate the recommendation.


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