Happy Easter! Here’s a Scene After Our 2013 Road Trip End Credits

The “faith” aspect of the Midlife Crisis Crossover tagline may seem downplayed here more often than not, especially while diving into the deeper ends of geekery and pop culture, but rest assured it’s never far from my mind. What matters most, what keeps us going, what makes everything possible, what sees us through all that we do together — the hints appear around us everywhere we go.

Even on our 2013 road trip, examples weren’t hard to find. Whether it was a giant cross that would be the last thing we photographed in Ohio on our way home at the end of Day 9…

giant Ohio cross

…or the sight of the Old North Church, and the role it and its parishioners played in the American Revolution, fresh in our minds as we encountered it on Day 3…

Old North Church, Boston, Massachusetts

…or even in the halls of the Ohio State Reformatory, where His son appeared among the former prison’s abandoned artifacts…

Christ decoration, Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield

…our lives have been filled with clues pointing to Him, what He’s done for us, and what He can do for us if only we take the time to look around carefully and rise to the challenge of spotting them.

As someone who made a decision for Christ late in life, I can tell you it wasn’t the grand gestures that pointed me toward the path, no bold catastrophes, no childhood Sunday school lessons, and no motivation to quote-unquote “convert” just to impress a woman. It wasn’t a sudden whim or a desperate ploy. It was a long, painstaking, frustrating process of reading, research, and contemplation. Sometimes I struggled to keep my eyes open, but the more I looked, the more reasons I found to keep searching.

Mine wasn’t a story that would lend itself to even a two-hour direct-to-DVD movie, but everywhere I looked, whether in plain sight or tucked inside the darkest corners of my life, it was the little things that led to the big picture.

It was all a matter of spotting the Easter eggs.

Happy Easter from the Golden family to you ‘n’ yours. 🙂

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