2015 Road Trip Photos #29: The Market and the Mint

French Market!

The French Market may seem empty around 10 a.m., but the calm and the extra personal space don’t last.

Day Four was spent walking here, there, everywhere around the French Quarter — gawking at random sights, browsing festive shops, learning history from museums, weaving through crowds, and trying our best to withstand the 90-degree heat that kept hammering at us all along the way. Fortunately a few places offered respite from melting.

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2015 Road Trip Photos #15: Jazz After Sunrise

Three Amigos!

We are…the Three Amigos!

Day Three, we awoke in New Orleans before 7 a.m., excited and peppy and ready to go. Sadly, most of the French Quarter was still asleep, but we found a place to hang out while we waited for them to catch up with us. No matter where you go, Mondays are Mondays.

Right this way for breakfast and a jazz trio!

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