Geek Shopping Now Easier Than Ever (for some)

Funko Joker!

Funko Pop presents Chibi-head Academy Award Winner Jared Leto, all yours…for a price.

It’s not this time of year without too much shopping! Or so I hear frequently from the media, TV ads, all surrounding retail shops, our local newspaper, the voices in my head that like buying new stuff for loved ones and myself, sometimes in that order. The true Black Friday experience — getting up ridiculously early the day after Thanksgiving and not one day earlier to compete for the privilege of loss-leader pricing on either understocked new merchandise or obsolete shelf-filler — lost my commitment when corporations decided a Friday should be fourteen days long.

The increasingly charmless holiday event notwithstanding, I usually have free time to spare that particular day regardless, so it’s still a good opportunity to leave my family behind for a few hours without guilt and go take care of my share of the Christmas season. This year I spent much of my morning at Indianapolis’ own Castleton Square Mall, where I usually don’t have a lot to do since women’s clothing and designer shoe shops aren’t my thing. This year, more than ever, quite a few stores were aiming specifically for my geek dollars with the kind of merchandise we normally see only at our annual comic and entertainment conventions. Suddenly “geek chic” is a thing and proprietors hope the masses will buy in.

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MCC 2015 Food Photo Marathon #2: A Day at Castleton Square


Our very special MCC extended interlude continues!

Dateline: January 31, 2015. As part of our annual pilgrimage to see the Oscar-Nominated Live-Action and Animated Shorts, my wife and I have to travel up north to Keystone Fashion Mall, home of Keystone Art Cinema, the only art-house theater in Indianapolis, a long drive from our side of town. The Fashion Mall overhauled their food court a few years ago into a much wider, brighter, more modern space with newer, trendier dining options replacing several of the sort of meat-scoops-on-rice joints that rule all the other malls in town.

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Seuss on the Loose on a Wall in the Mall

Giant Cat in Hat Hat!

On 1/31 as a day-long date of sorts
My wife and I drove out to catch the Oscar Shorts
To Castleton Square we rode, the only place to see ’em
But in that same mall, there was a faux museum
“The Art of Dr. Seuss” said that world-famous font
To the upscale shoppers on their weekend jaunt
In between showings, we stopped for some looks
And saw faces and names from my childhood books
Such colors and swirls made such a bright gallery
And all for sale at just beyond my salary
Pics were allowed, so here’s a few for our fans
Or visit their Facebook page and make your own plans!

* * * * *

Right this way to see a few more images! No pushing, no shoving, no messy scrimmages!

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