Not Put Asunder, 17 Years and Counting

Mitchell Corn Palace!


It’s that time again! Another year of shockingly blissful marriage to the amazing Anne. This year I can even tell people we survived a pandemic together.

Longtime MCC readers may already have read the stories of how we met in 1987 in high school German class, the episodes of stunning parallels and divine timing that would keep intertwining our paths over the years, our determinedly simple wedding, and how we came to start traveling together after growing up in families and lifestyles that didn’t lend themselves to much of it. All these years later, our story continues together through ups and downs, highs and lows, lulls and gales, laughs and growls, quibbles and quiescence, offline and online, chocolates and peanut butters, great tastes and lesser fillings, halls and oats, laurels and hardiness, simians and carbuncles, seas of sorrow and streams of consciousness.

In recent times we’ve commemorated the occasion with dinner at some restaurant we’ve never tried before and posted photos in my annual “happy anniversary to us” entry. This year due to scheduling issues and restaurant industry concerns, we instead retreated to one of our local favorites, a Mexican eatery in Brownsburg called Tequila Sunrise we’ve visited a few times before (including on our thirteenth anniversary, when Anne ordered the exact same dish she did this year) that we were 60% certain wouldn’t have severe staffing issues or greet us at the front door with a long list of ingredients and dishes they were out of, which were a recurring motif during the road trip we just completed.

Speaking of which, our lead photo is another teaser image from that same trip, whose requisite MCC miniseries is coming soon and will include follow-ups to previous vacations, such as this glimpse of our brief return to the Mitchell Corn Palace in South Dakota. For value-added photogenic goodness, enclosed below is the Tequila Sunrise fried ice cream we shared for dessert.

Yay anniversaries!

Tequila Sunrise dessert.

Two spoons and one big showy, messy pile of sugars with a plethora of textures hidden inside. Such is marriage.

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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