Not Put Asunder, 15 Years and Counting

Heart Walk 2010!

File photo of us from 2010, when we participated in the occasional miles-long charity walk.

It’s that time again! Another year of shockingly blissful marriage to the amazing Anne, another anniversary dinner to celebrate.

Sometimes on these annual entries I’ll use a photo from our recent road trip, but this year’s edition of that much-needed break from the rat race won’t be till the end of August. The wait is killing us, as is Father Time, which is another reason I went retro and dug into our personal archives for a younger photo of the two of us. This week some 150 million FaceApp users are out there having all their selfies converted to elderly “Have You Seen This Nursing Home Escapee?” mug shots and letting overseas marketers data-mine them into so much digital chattel, while I’m here swimming upstream toward youthful times. But, y’know, for love.

In years past we’ve made a tradition of trying new restaurants on our anniversary. This year the city of Indianapolis conspired against us. Several miles of our surrounding interstates are hobbled by summer road construction, funneling thousands of cars into single-lane bottlenecks for miles-long stretches, and shutting down other segments altogether. Reaching the north and south sides of the city is presently a nigh impossible task. Downtown has dozens of restaurant options, but…eh, we just didn’t feel like it tonight. It was really hot — 100 degrees in our garage alone — and all the coolest places were far.

We settled for sticking to our side of town and revisited a partly Tuscan-themed eatery in Avon called Charbonos. The last time we tried them several years ago, as Anne recalls the dessert course took forever and a few days to arrive. That’s pretty much all that either of us recalled.

Thus we forgave and forgot and enjoyed another anniversary dinner and another reminder that somehow we’re still beating some odds. We’re the Goldens. This is who we are and what we do.


For Anne, the Linguini Charbonos — shrimp, scallops, crab, and spinach in a roasted red pepper cream sauce.

Medallions & Lobster Risotto!

For me: beef tenderloin medallions atop an asparagus-lobster risotto with li’l roasted tomatoes and some parmesan flourishes.


While Anne kept her dessert modest with a small bowl of strawberry waffle crunch ice cream, I went with old-fashioned tiramisu. Because capping off the evening with excessive sugar seemed apropos in the presence of such a sweet, eternally youthful lady.

What do you, The Viewers at Home, think?

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