Indiana Comic Con 2017 Photos, Part 2 of 4: Costume Contest Highlights

Stranger Things family!

One of several families that cosplayed together: Eleven, Sheriff Hopper, Nancy, Joyce with Christmas lights, and Barbara from Stranger Things.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

It’s that time again! This weekend my wife and I attended the fourth annual Indiana Comic Con at the Indiana Convention Center in scenic downtown Indianapolis. Once again Anne and I found a few intriguing names on the guest list and decided to drop by…

We spent 11½ hours at the Convention Center on Saturday because we wanted to be there early to head up one particular actor’s line, and had to stay late for one particular actress’ near-sundown photo op. In between we had a lot of hours on our hands — some of it scheduled, some of it free time. By mid-afternoon we were beat, had exhausted nearly all our entertainment options, and weren’t finding much else to do on the panel list. On a whim and in need of seating, we decided to check out our first convention costume contest in two years.

Longtime MCC readers may recall the overlong essay explaining why I decided to stop attending costume contests. I stand by that essay and the problems I developed, but in this case: (a) I had planned to sit back during the contest and watch from afar rather than trying to go full-bore full-coverage amateur photojournalist again; and (b) instead of frustrating herself with fuzzy zoom-lens results, Anne decided to get up, head over toward the contestants’ milling space, and start capturing faces and souls up closer because she’s awesome like that. All but two photos in this entry are her handiwork, and represent the folks who caught our eyes most sharply and who held still. Enjoy!

Funko Pop Mason!

Third place in the kids’ costume contest. If you can’t find the Funko Pop you want, make it yourself. Or as young Mason did, make yourself it. I love how the snazzy Red Lantern T-shirt is on the box, too.


The Deadpool variants continued with the first of two Pimppools we saw this weekend.

Darth Pool!

“Come to the Pool Side. We have chimichangas!” Thus is the questionable T-shirt slogan from Darth Pool, probably.

The Dude!

The Dude from, like, The Big Lebowski abides.

Count Chocula!

Count Chocula was the tallest and wielded the most complicated rigging of the contest. As I type this, I’m just now realizing this might be the work of the same mad scientist who brought the super-sized FrankenBerry costume that followed us to several cons.


Starfire’s evil sister Blackfire from Teen Titans. I’m old enough to remember her from the comics before she leapt to animation.

X-24 + Logan!

X-24 and the titular hero from Logan. Uhhh, P.S.: spoilers for Logan in this pic and contest.


Bat-Villains united! And not just from movies or TV! Red Hood, Scarecrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Hush, and Black Mask.

Star Wars!

Mandatory Star Wars! On a related note, our hearts go out to the fans in Orlando who’ve been trying to enjoy this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration Orlando despite the horribly mismanaged lines, ruder-than-rude security, and occasional pervading greed and selfishness on either side of the cash registers. From what we’ve heard.

Asgardian family!

They’re regal and they’re ruling / They’re always ever dueling / Their tempers never cooling / Asgardian family!

Aladdin Family!

They’re eminently Arabian / Steal every scene they be in / They’re way cooler than Fabian / Aladdin Family!


Mandatory group shot of all the finalists crowded on stage at the same time. Best one we didn’t get in a solo shot was at far right, the sinister Venger from my Saturday mornings’ Dungeons & Dragons.

Princess Mononoke!

Post-contest shout-out: Princess Mononoke.

Big Sister!

Mandatory quadruple bonus points as always to costumes I recognize from video games I’ve played: Big Sister from Bioshock 2. Her character was particularly — HEY! STOP THAT, DARTH POOL. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

To be continued! Other chapters in this special MCC miniseries:

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Part 4: Who We Met and What We Did

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