A Frame of Reference for Effervescent Irreverence


The week of recovery after our three-day Wizard World Chicago experience has been filled with work stress, illness, and the usual post-convention depression that strikes so many geeks once we’ve disconnected from our peers and returned to the mundane world where fewer people get us. I’ve been dedicating little spare time to rest and recuperation, and more time to uploading photos and sharing anecdotes and memories from the experience so I can prolong the magic for as long as possible, but here at the new weekend it’s left me drained and inattentive and sloppy. I’ve made stupid miscalculations, I spilled drinks twice today, and I’ve used up all the really good non-drowsy sinus medicine in the house. At this point, if I could get Calgon to take me away and get Ronald McDonald to affirm I deserve a break today, their combined corporate forgiveness might just be enough to make me feel well again.

In reviewing my files the other night, I realized I overlooked a photo that belonged in our shiny happy Wizard World Chicago jazz hands assortment that kicked off the current MCC miniseries. I’m still working on the concluding chapter, the extra-length wrap-up with notes from the panels we attended, name-checks for the comic book creators we met, and various notes about the pros and cons, and about the pros at the con. It won’t be done tonight for excuses stated above, but the least I can do is share our accidental outtake.

Pictured above is my wife Anne and me hanging out with volunteers from MeTV, that oddball broadcast channel that’s made bold moves to take over the classic-rerun TV game in the years since TV Land and so many other basic-cable networks gave up on old shows and decided to create their own original programming that absolutely no one will be rerunning or missing in twenty years. MeTV frequently catches our eyes on Saturday nights with their super-nostalgic genre-TV lineup of Batman, Wonder Woman, original Star Trek, and sometimes more. When we found their WWC booth and its handy retro CRT TV frame, we refused to resist hanging out for a few minutes and, yes, indulging in husband-and-wife jazz hands once more, with feeling as always.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s a thing we enjoy doing together as a team — a differently dynamic duo, if you will. Seeking those opportunities, finding those singular moments, blowing them up from within, defying the confining expectations and monotony of Serious Adulthood, living beyond the everyday frames that box us on every side, and turning each pose with every accomplice into a bubbly, shameless, unbridled, joyful moment in time. Each jazz-hands pic isn’t a mere photo op — they’re a one-time-only performance.

We’re the Goldens. It’s who we are and what we do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go scrounge for some lesser cold remedies, maybe ignore a few expiration dates, then see if I can’t finish that longform wrap-up in time for our next convention…


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