Our Wizard World Chicago 2016 Jazz Hands Gallery

Daredevil Trio!

If you were Wilson Fisk, would you be heartless enough to drive this fabulous troupe out of business?

It’s that time of year again! Anne and I spent this weekend at Wizard World Chicago in scenic Rosemont, IL, where we generally had a blast surrounded by fellow fans of comics and genre TV/movies even though parts of it resemble hard work and our feet feel battle-damaged after three days of endless walking, standing, lining up, shuffling forward in cattle-call formation, and scurrying toward exciting people and things. Also, our hotel internet connection was terrible and we had next to no energy left at the end of each evening, so this will be my first time in days typing entire paragraphs in one sitting.

Please enjoy this first of several Wizard World Chicago 2016 photo galleries, beginning with photos costarring us but not taken by us (except one). Longtime MCC fans know when we do photo ops with actors at conventions, our thing is jazz hands. Energy plus showmanship plus unusual shtick equals fun. This year’s special guests were ready and willing and accepted the challenge with gusto.

Pictured above: from the cast of Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll, Stardust‘s Charlie Cox, and Eldon Henson, a.k.a. Pollux from the last two Hunger Games movies. Woll got it more quickly than the guys did, but they caught up with her.

Also from Daredevil, not to mention a plethora of movies: Rosario Dawson. Upon hearing the suggestion, she shouted, “YES! FOSSE FINGERS!” and we went to town.

Rosario Dawson!

Dawson is from Manhattan and appreciated the souvenir T-shirt.

Not every photo had to be about human actors. This year saw three times as many famous Hollywood cars and replicas on hand, including Herbie the Love Bug, whose movies I used to love as a kid, both at the drive-in and in weekend afternoon reruns. That was a thing some channels did when I was young.

Herbie the Love Bug!

The remakes, I could take or leave. If they ever reboot Herbie again as anything but a VW Beetle, you’ll know Hollywood creative corruption has reached its nadir.

One of my main reasons for attending this year was Christian Kane, who was a recurring villain on TV’s Angel and a series regular on Leverage, which my wife and I are currently working through on DVD. As a Texas native and a talented country-rock musician, jazz hands weren’t in his immediate repertoire, which is fine. I’m cool with close approximations, which in this case was a “Bruce Campbell” thing, which is never a bad name to invoke.

Christian Kane!

This actually took two tries because I screwed up the first one, which they gave to me instead of crumpling up and tossing at my nose.

It may be hard to tell from his longtime Arrow villain (and easier to tell from his performances as Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood and Doctor Who), but in fan circles John Barrowman is known far and wide for being up for pretty much anything. His only two rules: no kissing and no licking. Otherwise, anything.

John Barrowman!

Seriously: anything. If you’re sensitive about human contact, it’s better to bring your own fully formed pose idea to the photo op than to let him pick for you.

Near the end of the weekend we found the Sharing Box, Wizard World’s equivalent of a photo booth. So we made an extra thing for kicks, even though Anne was exhausted and ready to be carried around the rest of the day.

Wizard World Chicago!

At this late stage in the weekend I have no idea where I found the strength or showmanship.

Our very last photo op of the weekend, and the very last activity of our big Wizard World Chicago weekend, was with Christopher Lloyd, costar of all the things — Taxi, Addams Family, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Clue, Star Trek III, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and, of course, the Back to the Future trilogy. His was a special event away from the main photo-op area and over in the second-floor section containing most of the Hollywood vehicles and props — including a tricked-up DeLorean with Hill Valley clock tower backdrop.

Christopher Lloyd!

“GREAT SCOTT!” indeed.

Thus was our weekend concluded on a jazz-hands high note. We may not quite ready for Broadway, but it’s fun to see what we can do with our modest section of the Wizard World stage.

This entry is Part 1 of a special MCC miniseries, with plenty more photos to come. Other chapters ahead:

Part 2: DC Comics Cosplay!
Part 3: Marvel Comics Cosplay!
Part 4: Star Wars and SF Cosplay!
Part 5: Last Call for Cosplay!
Part 6: Objects of Affection
Part 7: Who We Met and What We Did

3 responses

  1. Big fan of Christian Kane myself! Didn’t get to make it to Wizard World tho. Looks like you guys had fun. Love the pix . Thanks for sharing! Don’t forget to check Christian out on The Librarians too. Season 3 begins November 20th on TNT. He also has a cooking show called Kane’s Kitchen.. http://www.kaneskitchen.com & you can still get digital downloads of his two cd’s at his website store.. http://www.christiankane.com/store.html


    • The Librarians looks fun and is definitely on my radar. At this point my wife and I are still trying to finish Leverage because I’m perpetually behind on SO much good TV.

      And thanks for the links! This is the first I’ve heard of Kane’s cooking show, and I came away fro the weekend very interested in checking out more of his music…


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