Wizard World Chicago 2016 Photos, Part 2: DC Comics Cosplay!

Suicide Squad!

Who’s killing members of the Suicide Squad? Find out after the break!

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover:

It’s that time of year again! Anne and I spent this weekend at Wizard World Chicago in scenic Rosemont, IL, where we generally had a blast surrounded by fellow fans of comics and genre TV/movies even though parts of it resemble hard work and our feet feel battle-damaged after three days of endless walking, standing, lining up, shuffling forward in cattle-call formation, and scurrying toward exciting people and things.

In the first of our mandatory cosplay galleries, from the heart of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center we focus on the ubiquitous citizens of the DC Comics Universe — most, but not all, from the adjunct DC Cinematic Universe, including a special spotlight on a fun, silent skit we saw go down Sunday afternoon in the main lobby, in which Our Heroes from that recent #1 film meet an unstoppable force from another comic-book universe.

In a convention where roughly one out of every five attendees was dressed as Harley Quinn, we were worried about the state of this year’s cosplay, but were happy to run into some inspired choices. First up: the less common but no less celebrated DC heroes and villains:

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman! Soon to star in a presumably better DC film.

Dr. Fate!

Dr. Fate has been wielding magic and visiting phantasmagorical dimensions since 1940 and thinks it’s totally unfair that Dr. Strange gets a movie first.

Red Hood!

The Jason Todd version of the Red Hood got top billing in an animated Batman film, so the two of him are pretty satisfied.

Power Girl!

Power Girl takes flight, thanks to skillful use of concealed stilts.

Bombshell Zatanna!

Variant version of Zatanna from DC’s Bombshells relaxes over by the conference rooms.


Gotham‘s Penguin, who needs way more screen time in all future seasons.

Captain Cold!

The classic Captain Cold of my childhood, probably not a favorite with any Wentworth Miller fan clubs.

Raven & Apocalypse!

Raven from the Teen Titans hanging out with Apocalypse, maybe requesting sanctuary at DC after the performance of his own summer film.

DC Villains!

DC Villains united! Luthor, Bane, Reverse Flash, and the Riddler representing for the not-Harley side of evil.

Pause for itty-bitty sampling from the wide, wide, wide world of Harley Quinns. I’m sure 99% of the Harley cosplayers are good people, but we’ve been doing so many cons over the past several years that, unless we’re seeing a multitude of creative variants (cf. Deadpool), we’re having trouble convincing ourselves to take pics of the same two or three costumes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

That said, some Harleys anyway:

Harley & Enchantress!

Harley & Enchantress ruling the dance floor.

Harley & Black Cat!

Villainesses united: movie Harley with Marvel’s Black Cat, still waiting for her turn in some future Spider-Man flick.

Joker & TMI Harley!

Joker and the kind of Harley for which it’s tough to write a caption. Lurking in the background is Uka Uka from the old Crash Bandicoot games.

And then there was that Sunday afternoon showdown, in which the cast of Suicide Squad faced their least nonsensical opponent yet: Negan from The Walking Dead.

Negan v. Suicide Squad!

Um, mild spoilers for the final scene of the Walking Dead season 6 finale, I guess.

Negan v. Suicide Squad!

Deadshot is not impressed; Amanda Waller is already counting how many people she’ll kill on her way out the door; and Joker is unreasonably excited.

Killer Croc & El Diablo!

Our best shot of the underrated Killer Croc and El Diablo. If they had powers for real, Negan would last about fifteen seconds flat.

Waller & Joker!

Before someone got her into this mess, Amanda Waller had been walking around, pushing buttons on a phone, and trying to make people explode. That’s Joker’s kind of woman.

Suicide Squad!

Rick Flag and Slipknot seem awfully smug, like they know something Negan doesn’t.

Suicide Squad!

BAM! Slipknot goes down. Boomerang’s stuffed unicorn lay there like a slug. It was her only defense.

Harley Quinn!

When bodies start hitting the floor, the Harley of another DC Earth watches, grateful they don’t have crossovers like this back home.

Negan V. Harley!

Negan v. Harley: Bats of Injustice: the Final Showdown!

To be continued! Other chapters in this MCC miniseries:

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