Top 10 Best Parts of Tonight’s State of the Union Address

SOTU 2015!

President Barack Obama delivered tonight’s State of the Union address with a cartoon angel and devil at either shoulder.

From the Home Office in Indianapolis, Indiana:

10. Biden blinking in Morse code “BIDEN/BEYONCE 2016”
9. One lone applauding Republican getting tased by the Senator next to him
8. A frustrated John Boehner wishing his bottled rage could turn him into Red Hulk
7. Ambassadors from Iran and Cuba giving each other cutesy quizzical Jim-and-Pam looks
6. Three-minute ovation every time Obama took a selfie
5. Special guest Sidney Poitier awarding nine honorary Oscars to Selma
4. Anointing of Anita Sarkeesian as head of newly formed Department of Gamer Tolerance
3. Preview footage from The Force Awakens in which Jedi Knight Obama and John Boyega fight Imperial ninjatroopers
2. Sheepish apology for preempting Marvel’s Agent Carter

And the number one Best Part of Tonight’s State of the Union Address:

1. Scene after the end credits: all-Democrat conga line while speakers blare “Everything is Awesome!!!”

8 responses

  1. I watch it because as a citizen it’s the right thing to do. Especially impressed with the complete falsehood of “bring me a bill that pays women the same wage as a man doing the same job”. I was like “Uh, Mr. President, it sat on Harry Reid’s obstructionist desk!”, just like everything else you’ve not accomplished.
    Agree with your category of “mundane”. Politics is not my cup of tea, for sure, but it is necessary for humanity and individual survival. Thus, it pays to be informed.
    Today I’ll watch my DVR rerun so I can see all the background observations you saw. It makes for great humor, as you’ve so well documented! 🙂

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    • I hope the encore was worth it. 🙂 I never really get excited about hearing any President (or Presidential candidate, or most other kinds of politicians) making long lists of promises because every single one of them comes with the unspoken condition, “…if Congress will let me.” It’s nice that he wants to try to bring about positive change as he sees it, but I don’t respond much to pep-rally wish lists. Once these ideas begin winding their way through the lawmaking system, then maybe I’ll see about being either excited or offended…and given the issues this administration has had over the years, I’ll be really surprised if anything cheer-worthy actually happens. Time will tell!

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