Indy PopCon 2014 Photos #5: Gaming and Anime Costumes!

The marathon continues! As promised in our first installment, please enjoy more photos from the first annual Indy PopCon convention. Same guidelines apply: we’re fans, not pros; corrections and comments welcome; hope they’re enjoyable.

Part Five: at last, anime and gaming! This is always the section where I can use the most assistance from You, the Viewers at Home. If you recognize a character I didn’t, please feel free to speak up so that others might learn and possibly discover a new universe to explore. Better still, help this old man become fractionally less ignorant of stuff you like. If some of these are original characters, introductions are always welcome.

Longtime MCC readers are aware of my soft spot for Final Fantasy, so it’s a logical starting point. Behold: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII plus follow-ups, and Genesis from Crisis Core.

Sephiroth and Genesis!

From the great Kingdom Hearts 2, not too far removed from Final Fantasy, it’s Axel from Organization XIII.


Among the costume contest participants: Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and its spinoffs.


Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series. I once played partway through the fourth one till I got sidetracked indefinitely when we moved.

Ada Wong!

Amaterasu from Okami. And friend?

(Updated 6/14/2014: at right would be a soldier from Attack on Titan. Thanks to my son for figuring out that much.)


A pair of Pyramid Heads from Silent Hill.

Pyramid Heads!

Going back to my young teenage arcade years: Chun Li from Street Fighter. Too bad I was terrible at it.

Chun Li!

Moving back to more recent years: the Traveller from Journey.

The Traveller!

A look in passing at Jade Harley from “Homestuck”, fourth story from the online MS Paint Adventures.

Jade Harley!

Mad Moxxi from Borderlands.

Mad Moxxi!

This one looks like a Red Queen or a Queen of Hearts to me, but the introduction sounded like “Lady Sidonia” or “Lady Zedonia” or someone in between. Either way, here we’ll transition awkwardly from gaming to anime. Fair deal?

Lady Zedonia/Sidonia!

The eponymous star of Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.

Princess Mononoke!

Chii from Chobits.


Sailor Chibi Moon. Not the same as simple Sailor Moon.

Sailor Chibi Moon!

An anime duo whose intro I totally failed to hear because I was fussing over something else in my seat at the time. Knowing me, it was probably my camera. Mea culpa.

(Updated 6/14/2014: Kagamine Rin and Len, “vocaloids” with origins similar to that of Hatsune Miku, the character who leads off Part Six of this series. Special thanks to my son for the assist.)

Anime Duo!

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.

Lucy Heartfilia!

Wrapping up this installment: she was introduced as Twilight Elven Princess, possibly an original character. Wings are always a bold, complicated cosplay choice.

Twilight Elven Princess!

To be continued!

* * * * *

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5 responses

    • Looks like some great work there. Yeah, we normally try to shoot around other attendees who just want to pose with cosplayers for fun, but sometimes when I’m not paying close attention we’ll end up catching one and having them live on in our scrapbooks by sheer accident. Twenty years from now my wife and I will look back on this and be so confused. It’s fun!


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