Indy PopCon 2014 Photos #3: Costumes from Comics

The marathon continues! As promised in our first installment, please enjoy more photos from the first annual Indy PopCon convention. Same guidelines apply: we’re fans, not pros; corrections and comments welcome; hope they’re enjoyable.

Part Three: characters from comic books past and present, with a few special guests here and there from other media. Exhibit A: Wolverine as Weapon-X, hanging out with Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph, Tinker Bell, and…uh, the winged one at far right was introduced at the costume contest as “Space Fairy”. Maybe that’s a thing?

Wolverine vs. Tinker Bell!

Weapon X appeared in that photo, he appeared in the costume contest, and he guest-starred here alongside Poison Ivy and Pixie from the X-Men. In life and in comics, Wolverine is everywhere.

Poison Ivy! Weapon X! Pixie!

Also generally everywhere in comics and conventions: Deadpool! This one took the contest stage and sang. I’d expect nothing less from the Merc with a Mouth.


If one Deadpool isn’t enough, how about three? And two of them are Lady Deadpool, so that’s extra credit.

Deadpool Corps!

Looking for a change of pace? Snazzy lounge-lizard Deadpool is your man.

Prom Night Deadpool!

If you’d prefer some DC Comics scalawags instead, here’s classic Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn!

…and her puddin’, who onstage gave a brief standup monologue that did proper (in)justice to whomever used to be in charge of Cesar Romero’s groaners.


If you’d prefer them together, and in variants, meet Flapper Harley and Zoot Suit Joker. Meanwhile back at the Batcave, honorary Untouchable Batman is furiously using his BatCard Catalog to determine where they’ve stashed all their illegal liquor.

Flapper Harley and Zoot Suit Joker!

Or you can follow the adventures of his other, more recently revealed rendition: Batkid! Two guys had to carry his tiny Batmobile around the cosplayer’s walk and up onstage, where of course he was carefully raised to shout into open microphones, “I’M BATMAN!”


Differently diminutive among the Batman family: young Damian Wayne, son of Batman and Talia al-Ghul (literally a very long story), and a rather temperamental Robin until recently. If there’s one Robin you don’t mess with, it’s the one whose mom’s minions taught him how to slay an opponent with a sword.

Damian Wayne!

Also from Batman’s world: Catwoman! One of several envoys from the cosplayers at CosAwesome Studios.


Also from CosAwesome: Ant-Man! Soon to be a major motion picture starring Paul Rudd and some unnamed director who’ll be one-tenth as inspired as Edgar Wright was. Maybe we could leave some of the heartbreak behind if they just upconvert it to a Giant-Man movie instead?


One more Marvel character: Rogue! More of a comics version than a movie version.


Traversing the gap between comics and movies in a different way: Princess Ariel and Aquaman, king of the seven seas. Perhaps this happy couple stands a better chance of earning Triton’s approval. Shame about Mera getting kicked to the curb, though.

Ariel and Aquaman!

Same hero, different decade: the late’90s harpoon-handed version of Aquaman.

Aquaman! With harpoon hand!

Another face from comics past: Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. He patrolled the show floor alongside Dawnstar from the Legion of Super-Heroes, whom we last saw at Free Comic Book Day 2014.

Green Lantern Alan Scott!

Fellow ring bearers from the wrong side of the tracks: two members of the Sinestro Corps.

Sinestro Corps!

If they weren’t enough DC evil for you, here’s Lobo! Unlike Wolverine, he did not immediately go cross over into five other photos to boost sales. That doesn’t work too well for the Main Man anymore. Especially not for the New 52 version.


I was surprised to see so few heroes from Western Hempisphere comics companies besides Marvel or DC. The only other delegate I could find from the entire medium was Britain’s own Tank Girl. Yes, before the movie everyone forgot came the British comic everyone forgot. Joining her on the front lines is the Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Any cosplayer who brings their own sci-fi Gatling gun is okay by me.

Tank Girl and The Heavy!

To be continued!

* * * * *

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