Holiday Snacktime Overload

chocolate chip cookies, Christmas leftovers

Behold our leftover cookies as of today. Most of these will be shared with others in the days ahead. This photo would look a lot more appetizing to me if I hadn’t just spent the last seven celebratory days enjoying sugar as an integral ingredient of every other meal.

For Christmas we decided to bake cookies for my cousins. Their families are large and we’re not in constant contact, but I wanted to do something for them besides show up at their house and say hi. Cookies seem simple, effective, and acceptable in the average local social circle.

So I underestimated our cookie dough yield a tad. My scheme called for a modest five dozen. I lost count of our output somewhere after the ninth dozen. That’s setting aside an unhealthy portion of our raw dough we fed to my son, here on break from college.

boxed Christmas candy

Behold the gift of candy I received on Christmas Eve, a Whitman’s Sampler box. My wife’s gotten me the sugar-free version of this for a couple of previous occasions, because she loves me very much, she knows that I developed a taste for sugar-free candy during my 2004-2005 diet, and she’d like to prolong my presence in her life.

(Fun trivia: I prefer sugar-free peanut butter cups to Reese’s, which are honestly no longer a temptation for me. When I try to explain this to people, All I get are bewildered looks and more Reese’s cups in my Christmas packages.)

The box given to me by another relative, however, is not the sugar-free version. My poor, starving college student helpfully offered to chow down on some of these out of self-interest, but his stomach isn’t bottomless and he hates candy that contains coconut or cherries.

peanut butter fudge

Behold the final present we received at the final family gathering we attended today — a big batch of homemade fudge, half peanut butter and half chocolate. My aunt’s an excellent baker, and my expectations were for zero gifts at that particular gathering, so this is technically an above-and-beyond service to be cherished.

It may be a few days before I resume digging into any of these, though. Last Thursday we had a successful pitch-in at work that produced numerous leftovers that we’ve been nibbling our way through as a community ever since. After last Saturday’s cookie-baking spree my wife and I have been chipping away (so to speak) at the surplus we produced. Today’s family gatherings offered the expected volumes upon volumes of Christmas dessert options, some of which I somehow summoned the strength to skip.

Many of my Christmas gifts this year have been food, and nearly all of those sugar-based. It’s nice that nice people to want to do nice things because of nice season for niceness. As of this moment, though, all this sweetness is killing me.

Blame the Golden Rule, I suppose.

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