Christmastime Moments in Downtown Indy

With uncharacteristically minimal preamble, we present random relevant pics we took in 2013 during our varied experiences in downtown Indianapolis so far this season. Consider it a bold experiment to see if I have the willpower to publish an entry under 200 words. Also: because Christmas!

All the best companies downtown have large holiday displays. Pictured here: the lobby of the OneAmerica Tower.

Christmas tree, downtown Indianapolis

Outdoor tree lights viewed from above along North Illinois Street. At the time this was taken, temperatures were in the teens, I couldn’t manage the phone with my gloves on, and my hands were begging for amputation. After three tries, this was as good as it was going to get.

Illinois Street, Christmas, Indianapolis

On the night we watched the Pacers play the Putnamville Pumas or whatever at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, nearby Georgia Street had been decorated for a special evening event called “City Sidewalks”, meant to encourage one and all to stroll around the two city blocks that had previously hosted 100,000+ out-of-towners in January 2012 for Super Bowl LXVI. Once a random length of boring alleyway, Georgia Street was refurbished specifically for Super Bowl hosting duties, and has been put to various community uses ever since (e.g., GenCon 2013).

City Sidewalks, Georgia Street, downtown Indianapolis

Downtown’s December nighttime hotspot is Monument Circle, where the trees are lined with lights, and the corporate headquarters of Indianapolis Power & Light manipulates their window colors into festive light-shapes.

IPL, Monument Circle, Christmas, Indianapolis

In the other direction on Monument Circle: more trees and lights and travelers and congestion and such. Officially cars are allowed to share the space, but we pedestrians rule as much as they’ll let us. If you’re all about speed and maneuverability in every foot you drive, Monument Circle was not meant for your kind.

Monument Circle traffic jam, December, Christmas, Indianapolis

Monument Circle’s centerpiece is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which is turned every year into a de facto Christmas tree, strung with lights from top to bottom in traditional conic fashion. It’s an ideal backdrop for romantic walks, big-city contemplation, or taking photo after photo after photo after photo until one finally achieves desired photogenic results.

Monument Circle, Christmas selfie, Indianapolis

So, Merry Christmas, then!

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