“Revolution” Relaunch Refresher: Main Character Guide and Episode Recaps

Billy Burke, Miles Matheson, Revolution, NBC

If this doesn’t work, Miles is gonna look really silly.

The long hiatus is nearly over, even if the worldwide blackout isn’t. On March 25th Revolution returns to NBC with the second half of its twenty-episode debut season. The fall finale, aired November 26th, ended with a cliffhanger in which the bad guys acquired one of the twelve precious pendants that create a localized field permitting electrical power, enabling them to fire up a helicopter whose ignition hadn’t turned over in fifteen years, piloted by a guy who in that same time span has flown exactly zero hours but luckily remembers just enough to avoid running the copter into a brick wall.

If you’re like me and not too fond of extended hiatuses and the effect they have on TV recall, you’ve probably forgotten everything about the show except the few reminders that the “Revolution Returns” preview may have jump-started. You may also have forgotten that the first ten episodes were recapped right here on MCC, as quickly as I could cobble them together after each airing. Rest assured I plan to continue with the show, not only because I insist it has potential (despite the frequent shortcomings), but also because I want to see what sort of changes will be wrought by the “retooling” rumored to have been ordered by NBC execs. A recent TV Guide cover article confirmed that a major character won’t survive the show’s return, so you’ll need to be fully up to speed in order to place your bets.

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