Merry Christmas in Seven Scenes from MCC!

Nativity scene!

The prettiest among my in-laws’ Nativity scenes, a handicraft find on one of their small-town expeditions, which they’ve surrounded with a selection of this year’s Christmas cards. I didn’t realize till a few minutes ago that the card we sent them tried to sneak into the shot.

Christmastime is here, basically! With last-minute shopping to do, relatives to visit, presents to give, and fresh-baked cookies to overdose upon, sleeping in heavenly peace may be an unattainable luxury during our three-day weekend. As we’re finalizing our plans and preparing to dive in, please enjoy this gallery of memories from our past four weeks foreshadowing the upcoming celebrations of Jesus’ birth (observed) and all those’ll entail, Lord willing.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Wondrous Weekend from the staff here at Midlife Crisis Crossover.


Nighttime at the Shops at Perry Crossing, formerly the outdoor mall known simply and more stylishly as “Metropolis” out in the town of Plainfield, IN. We were invited to a dinner gathering at a second-floor banquet facility with a scenic view of the mall’s town square and Christmas tree.

Christ Church Cathedral!

A more prominent Nativity scene at Indy’s own Christ Church Cathedral, leading worship services on downtown’s Monument Circle since 1857.

my ornament!

At work we invested one of our weekly team meetings in a morale-building exercise of crafting our own Christmas ornaments for our department’s tree. I made the most of the materials that were provided to us.

Indiana State Museum tree!

The lobby of the Indiana State Museum includes a tree and a variety of decorations. This is also a teaser image for a few forthcoming entries I’m hoping to fit in by year’s end.


This winter’s first measurable snowfall struck while I was at work. This was our view out the windows facing away from downtown. Sadly all of this melted a few days ago, leaving us with a green, lukewarm Christmas on Sunday.

Unicorn Nativity!

At my in-laws’ annual gathering we played a special party game with prizes for those of us who could unwrap gifts the most quickly while wearing oven mitts. I won myself a kiddie-sized Batman stocking cap, which I then traded to my brother-in-law (a father of young boys) for this fabulous stuffed unicorn. Advantage: me.

…and just think: with Christmas nigh, we’re that much closer to sending 2016 on a long walk off a short plank! If your excitement levels aren’t already escalating for that desperately anticipated event alone, I don’t know what to tell you.

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