2016 NYC Trip Photos #29: NYC Outtakes II

Chess & Checkers House!

Day Two: our endurance walk through Central Park included a rest stop at the Chess & Checkers House, moments before the clouds began sprinkling.

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: we guided you through the first six days of our second trip to New York City in twenty-eight episodes —- Sunday through Thursday, July 9-14,2016, our second time flying anywhere and my son’s first. Between the flights there and back again, we saw lots more New York we hadn’t seen our first time around when we drove out there from Indianapolis in 2011.

Here, in our penultimate chapter: a selection of outtakes from previous scenes — a couple skipped by dumb oversight; a few that captured isolated moments disconnected from the rest of the narrative; one or two alternate shots of cool objects and places; and a few left behind due to inadequate wow factor. We may be aging amateurs who don’t have thousands of unconditional superfans, but we do have light standards.

One World Trade Center!

Day Two: Our first full view of the all-new all-different One World Trade Center and the surrounding family of structures.

One World Observatory!

Another view of the entrance to One World Observatory, close enough to spot the architectural bits that for some reason resemble barbed wire.

firefighter uniform.

From the 9/11 exhibit at St. Paul’s Chapel, the uniform of one among the many firefighters on the front lines that day.

Balloon Flower!

East of One World Trade Center at tiny, restful at Silverstein Family Park stands artist Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Flower” one of five 9/11 tribute sculpture bearing the same arrangement in different colors.

Cleopatra's hieroglyphics!

A closer shot of the eroded hieroglyphics on Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park.

5th + 53rd station!

The escalator descent into the 5th Avenue and 53rd Street station.

Federal Hall skylight!

Day Three: stark chiaroscuro shot of the skylight at Federal Hall.

Chinatown Division Street!

More businesses along Division Street in Chinatown.

Aji Ichiban!

Bonus awkward shot of the signage at the Aji Ichiban candy shop.

Lin Ze Xu!

We already photographed Lin Ze Xu in 2011, but this time got a much wider shot of Chatham Square.

Colbert marquee!

A more inclusive view of Stephen Colbert’s very tall marquee at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Angelo's Pizza!

Surviving the transition from Letterman to Colbert, Angelo’s Pizza remains in business in front of the Sullivan. We assumed they have a six-hour waiting list and didn’t bother checking into it.

Robert Indiana's Hope!

Not far away, Robert Indiana’s “Hope” is on display at 7th Avenue and West 53rd Street.

Intrepid helicopters!

Day Four: your first sight when you exit the elevator onto the flight deck of the USS Intrepid.

Monet's Palazzo Ducale!

Monet’s “The Palazzo Ducale, Seen from San Giorgio Maggiore”, one of the palest paintings we studied at the Guggenheim.

Usonian house!

The hidden Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit in the Guggeheim’s basement was 95% photographs and 5% this plain-colored model of one of Wright’s Usonian houses.

Queens Zoo goats!

Day Six: goats chilling at the Queens Zoo.

Argentine ruddy duck!

Also at the Queens Zoo are Argentine ruddy ducks, which are indeed legal residents and not migratory squatters passing through.

Anne and Enterprise!

Day Four: Anne goggling at the Space Shuttle Enterprise, still one of the coolest things we saw up close in 2016.

…and then there was Friday the 15th, Day Seven. To be concluded!

* * * * *

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