Birthday 44: A Festival of Food, Flavor, and Fire


Now THAT is a birthday candle. Why spend an hour lighting forty-four individual wax sticks when you can just set a piece of cheese on fire for twice the lumens and three times the wow factor?

It’s that time of year again! As of today I’m now 44 years old, not dead yet, and still not entering true Midlife Crisis mode with a fancy sports car or a mistress my son’s age. I’m fine with skipping that phase if everyone else is cool with it.

Most of my birthday was frittered away at work, serving others and digging into spreadsheets and doubling my caffeine intake so I could stay awake enough to get to the good parts of the day, while keeping myself too busy to ponder mortality or dwell on the never-ending internal debate over whether I’m truly applying myself toward fulfilling my life’s true purpose(s) here on this imperfect ball of dirt, dust, and Drumpf.

I continued tabling that potential pontification after work and went out to dinner at a promising restaurant that recently opened on our side of Indianapolis. Whenever a nice restaurant opens within five miles of our house, that’s reason enough for us to celebrate, birthday or no birthday.

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant in the town of Avon called the Cajuns Cafe. Anne and I made the mistake of giving them a try on their opening weekend, when everyone in town wanted something different but the staff hadn’t worked out any of the kinks in their processes, resulting in a two-hour wait for a spicy bowl of soup that made us miss a showing for a movie we can no longer remember. Not long after, the Cajuns Cafe closed its doors, but its cautionary tale lives on.

And now its former space is occupied by a new Greek restaurant called OPA! We approve.


Other businesses may have come and gone in the interim until OPA! took over. We wouldn’t know.

Inside, photo murals of blatantly Greek sites adorn the walls and brighten the atmosphere. We might’ve missed that part if the weather had been nice enough to allow outdoor seating. Sadly, Old Man Winter has been quite the unwanted houseguest here in Indiana lately and refuses to pack his bags and get out.


In hindsight, staring at archaeological antiquities somehow didn’t make me feel younger. But that’s my problem, not theirs.

We kicked things off with the traditional Greek restaurant saganaki show. Lots of specialty restaurants adhere to the traditions of their predecessors and competitors. Japanese steakhouses have their knife-juggling and their onion volcanoes; Chuck-E-Cheese has its animatronic Branson revue; Greek restaurants have their dairy pyromania.


Burn, worthy appetizer sacrifice, BURN.

When the flames die down, the waitress adds a bit of lemon, accompanies it with some pita bread, and leaves you with a nicely roasted, extra-thick cheese slice that goes great on crostini.


If you were hoping for charred, blackened cheese, maybe the old Cajun place could’ve accommodated you.

Salads are usually the dullest part of every meal, tossed together with a checklist instead of creativity. Credit OPA! for at least going for appearance points.

Opa! Salad!

Trust me, if this had merely been iceberg lettuce, tomato, carrots, and dressing, I would’ve hardly touched it, let alone captured its image.

The main event: Mousakas! Eggplant, minced beef ‘n’ cheese, and potatoes, layered and topped with a thick bechamel sauce. Served as one of four quadrants with rice pilaf, Greek-spiced green beans, and piping hot potatoes to go with the Mousakas’ built-in potatoes.


Note the careful observance of the X-Y axis, possibly as a nod to the ancient Greeks’ love of geometry.

Meanwhile, Anne enjoyed a juicy leg-of-lamb, and my mom tried to make the most of a simple, deconstructed gyro platter. Her leftover gyro meat was one of my favorite birthday presents and shall come in very handy with my next Wednesday night omelet.

Seating was immediate; service was speedy; food was fresh enough to demand some cool-down time; and prices were shockingly low, beating Olive Garden and Avon’s other ruling chains by a wide, almost unfair margin. I do regret having no room left to try dessert, blame owed to coworkers who brought in donuts this morning. We’ve vowed to make a special return visit just for dessert in the near future.

Best part of our visit: running into a couple I was just writing about the other day, whom we’d missed talking to on Sunday due to bad timing issues. The surprise opportunity for an overdue catch-up conversation was the best part of my 44th birthday, no contest. My loving wife, who also played a major part, understands I intend no slight against her contributions.

And, y’know, the restaurant was pretty awesome, too. Here’s to many more like it in the years and birthdays ahead.


We’re not prepared to fly to actual Greece anytime soon, but we figure OPA! will be all the Greece we need for now.


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      • Thanks!! Greek IS awesome. I got a Mediterranean cookbook recently but haven’t dared to test the recipes yet-I tend to make falafel at home from a boxed mix.
        There should be a Greek place on every corner. Glad you enjoyed and it was so conveniently located-hooray!

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